We’re not done with our Once Upon A Time cast interviews yet! The show premieres on Sunday, and there are still two more interviews...

We’re not done with our Once Upon A Time cast interviews yet!

The show premieres on Sunday, and there are still two more interviews to share which you’ll find here on Thursday and Friday, but today we’re sharing our group chat with Jared Gilmore, the young man who plays Henry, son of Emma, who also happens to be the one who gets the ball rolling by bringing her to Storybrooke.

Which isn’t to say that things will be easy. Emma doesn’t believe Henry’s stories, and ten years earlier, Emma put him up for adoption so he’d have a better life… only to end up adopted by Regina, a.k.a. the Evil Queen. Sounds convoluted? It really isn’t, as you’ll see for yourselves on Sunday night, October 23. For now, let’s see what the talented young Mr. Gilmore had to say!

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Have you had a particular favorite fairy tale before taking this role?

Well, my particular favorite fairy tale would probably be Peter Pan. For one, he’s really the only boy fairy tale character that’s like the hero, and then, I just like him. He’s cool.

Henry knows things that no one else seems to know. Can you talk about him trying to convince everyone of what’s going on?

While the show goes on, I’m trying to get the point that he’s really the only one that actually knows, and he’s still trying to get the other people to believe him.

How does he do that?

In one way, he sort of helps them remember who they actually are, and then he talks to them, like “well, maybe you could do this…”

Can you tell us a little bit about his relationships with Emma and with Regina, and how they are different?

His relationships with Emma and Regina differ because Regina’s his adoptive mother and she’s much more strict. I think before he found out about the curse, I think he actually liked her, but in some way knew that she wasn’t his real moment. And then, I think his relationship with Emma is that finally there’s someone that I can trust to tell all of these secrets, and she won’t throw them away. And she’s his real mom, so he wants to get to know her.

He’s also related to Mary-Margaret. What’s their dynamic like?

I’ve really noticed that in the show, so far, we see that Henry’s whole family lives in this one town. So it’s sort of creepy, and the creepiest part is, your grandma is your teacher. So it’s sort of like “I’m learning from my Grandma! This is quite cool.”

Going forward from the pilot, is Henry actually going to convince Emma about the fairy tale world?

I think he is going to end up convincing her, and so far, he is starting to convince her. Their relationship also progresses throughout it. He’s starting to relate to her now. She was far apart, and she didn’t believe him at all. But as she starts believing, he gets closer, and closer, and closer.

Is he telling his therapist?

I think his therapist, Archie, is basically the second person that knows everything, becuase he’s his therapist and he tells him everything. In a way, he’s like a father. He can tell him anything that he needs to tell him. He really likes him. He’s his friend.

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