On Set With Emily Owens: Who Does Michael Rady Root For?On Set With Emily Owens: Who Does Michael Rady Root For?
Interview with Michael Rady of Emily Owens, M.D. On Set With Emily Owens: Who Does Michael Rady Root For?

A little over a month ago, KSiteTV was one of several outlets to visit the Vancouver, BC set of Emily Owens, M.D., the medical drama with a quirky lead (Mamie Gummer as Emily) that airs a new episode tonight at 9 on The CW. While we were there, we spoke with Michael Rady, the Melrose Place veteran who now plays Micah, the underdog in a possible triangle between himself, Emily, and Justin Hartley’s Will.

Who is it that Michael thinks Emily should choose?

“I don’t know.  Will’s tall and handsome,” he says about his character’s chances. “So, I don’t count on it.  No, I don’t know. Micah’s still testing the waters and sussing the situation out.” He does acknowledge that Emily is still someone his character can rely on. “I’d say that when he’s not leaning on himself, he leans most on Emily,” Rady says. “I think Micah tries to kind of collect himself and plow ahead, and he’s not phased.  And he can handle it all.  I think Emily is kind of a light in this world that he can kind of go to and open up and be a little honest with how he’s feeling.”

Could these feelings distract Micah from the job that needs to be done at the hospital? “[A] hospital is such a frenetic place, especially Denver Memorial, the world they’ve created. Emily is constantly being spun around.  So much is going on all day long.  I think they’re welcome distractions.  His patients aren’t dying left and right.  It’s not like he’s losing at work.  He still kind of able to balance everything.  If not, it’s like maybe a welcome relief from the living and dying that’s going on,” he says.

So why should we root for Micah?

“Why should you root for Micah?  I don’t know.  I’m so taken with Will.  I can’t really tell you.  I don’t know.  I don’t really have perspective on it to say that,” he jokes.

Who do you think Emily should choose? Leave some comments below! Here are some images from tonight’s episode, “Emily and… The Predator.”


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