MTV’s Happyland: Video Interview With Cameron Moulène (Will) MTV’s Happyland: Video Interview With Cameron Moulène (Will)
Interview with Cameron Moulène who plays Will on MTV's Happyland MTV’s Happyland: Video Interview With Cameron Moulène (Will)

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 7.18.13 PMEvery teen show needs a “nice guy,” right? And in the case of MTV’s Happyland, that nice guy happens to be “Will,” a nice kid who grew up with Bianca Santos’ Lucy in the area known as “The Brick.”

For three years, Will has been dating their other friend that they grew up with, Harper (Katherine McNamara), and in the interview, the actor who plays Will, Cameron Moulène, talks about how that might change that relationship. Like Lucy and some other characters, Will also works at the park, and he’s not the biggest fan of Ian and Theodore Chandler who just came to town. “This park is my life, right?  I’ve been working here for a long time, and this is my rock, and I know this park better than everyone. I know every tunnel, I know how to get around, I know how it works like clockwork. And these kids come in and act like ‘oh, Daddy owns the park, so I get to call the shots now.’ And I hate that. Who are you guys to tell me what to do? I know this place better than you! And that’ll play a lot between Ryan and my character.”

With that rivalry addressed, Cameron insists that Will is indeed a good guy. “He’s the best friend you’ll ever have,” he says.

If you’re not watching Happyland already, you should be – a new episode airs at 11PM (ET) tonight – and if you need some incentive, watch this interview with the very friendly Cameron Moulène, as he talks about Will and talks about some of what’s coming up on the series:

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