Minority Report: Stark Sands Discusses Vega & New Developments Minority Report: Stark Sands Discusses Vega & New Developments
Interview with Stark Sands from the FOX television series Minority Report Minority Report: Stark Sands Discusses Vega & New Developments

A new episode of Minority Report airs tonight at 9PM (ET/PT) on FOX, and that makes tonight the perfect time to break out another interview we conducted at the Vancouver studios where the studio is filmed.

Today, the spotlight falls on Stark Sands who plays lead character and precog “Dash.” Before we get some great behind-the-scenes stories from the actor, we got some insights on why Dash gets away so well with Vega.

“At the beg011_MinorityReport_KA_R1_CW_C02BC_W5.0_F2_hires1inning, he wasn’t sure, because he didn’t really know whether he could trust anyone, but she’s proven herself, but I think that at the heart of their partnership is that they both want the same thing. They both want to save lives. In fact, there’s a scene today – in Episode 109 – where she actually says something to Blake… she says ‘Our job is to save lives,’ and he corrects her, and says ‘No. Our job is to uphold the law.’ So, she’s actually sort of blinded to her real job, which is just upholding the law. I caught that. I’m not even in the scene, but I read that and I thought ‘Okay. That’s why.’ So that’s why. We both have the same sort of modus operandi.”

Also in our interview, Sands talked about some new developments for his character, which include some spoiler discussion and reveals, including his interactions with others in the cast. You can watch the interview below. Tonight’s episode is called “Honor Among Thieves” and you can find some photos from that episode below the interview.

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MINORITY REPORT: L-R: Nick Zano, Stark Sands and Laura Regan in the all-new “Honor Among Thieves” episode of MINORITY REPORT airing Monday, Nov. 2 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Katie Yu / FOX.

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