Journey Into Wonderland: Sophie Lowe On Playing “Alice” In The Once Spin-Off Journey Into Wonderland: Sophie Lowe On Playing “Alice” In The Once Spin-Off
Interview with Sophie Lowe, Alice from ABC's Once Upon A Time In Wonderland Journey Into Wonderland: Sophie Lowe On Playing “Alice” In The Once Spin-Off

ABC is going to attempt to break their Thursday 8PM curse this Fall with the launch of a Once Upon A Time spin-off set in Wonderland. The central character for this series is Alice (of course!) played by Sophie Lowe, and the series promises adventure, romance, and challenges for its main characters.

We spoke with Sophie Lowe at an ABC/Television Critics Association event on August 4, and asked her a few questions about TV’s newest heroine. Our questions to Sophie are posted in bold; her answers are not.

Your version of Alice is a very kick-butt, very strong woman. What would you like for your younger female viewers to get from watching you?

I hope that the Alice I’m playing, that she inspires young women and women in general to follow what you love, even if it’s someone you love, or just something you love, to just go out there and get it, because you know you can.

Can you talk about your relationship with Cyrus, and what’s happening there?

Well, I can’t really tell you how they met; you have to see it. As soon as they meet, it’s kind of this intense connection, and they kind of complete each other. They have things in each other that they’re missing until they come together. They have a very deep love and hopefully they find each other again.

The scenes in the asylum are so different from the rest of the show. Is the show going to cut back to that often?

I think we’ll venture back to Victorian England, I’m sure, and we’ll get to learn about her past, and her family, and how she got into the asylum in the first place, and all of that stuff. So, we’ll definitely explore that.

Was it a learning experience doing so much green screen?

It was definitely like “Okay. So what am I looking at? So the stick is a rabbit? Okay.” Yes. There was a green stick that I had to pretend was a rabbit. It’s funny. I’m kind of used to it now, and they have really amazing visuals on set to show you how it moves, and then they have this computer as well to show you how it will look, so that helps a lot.

Can you talk about the kind of relationship your character will have with the Knave of Hearts?

The Knave of Hearts — it will be revealed how they become so close as friends, but yeah. They have a deep bond. It’s nice to be able to have this male and female relationship, as friends, and I think that’s really important to tell. She’s got her love, and this is her friend.

If your character could cross over with any character from the Once Upon A Time parent show, which one would you like it to be and why?

There are so many cool characters… that is so hard. If any of them just come in… I really look up to them as actors, and I love the show, and so to work with any of them would be fun.

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