J.D. Pardo Talks Revolution Secrets & His New Role On The MessengersJ.D. Pardo Talks Revolution Secrets & His New Role On The Messengers
Interview with JD Pardo about the new CW TV series The Messengers as well as NBC's Revolution J.D. Pardo Talks Revolution Secrets & His New Role On The Messengers

Revolution offered a big shock to its fans this season when one of the show’s original characters — Jason, played by J.D. Pardo — was killed, and not just by anyone… Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) was the one who had to do it!

Revolution - Season 2It all happened in the episode “Austin City Limits” which several media outlets, including KSiteTV, were on set for. However, in the whole time interviewing J.D. Pardo, you’ll notice in our video he doesn’t let on at all that the episode would be his last.

We caught up with Pardo at a CBS/CBS TV Studios “Summer Soiree” where we talked about keeping that Revolution secret, and also about his new role, in The CW’s midseason entry The Messengers.

“You guys didn’t feel it?” Pardo exclaimed, almost surprised that we didn’t have any clue that we were talking to him right before Jason’s demise. “I didn’t want to give it away. I was told not to give it away. I didn’t want to die off the show. I loved the cast; I loved the show. I still believe in the show. But, it happens,” he admitted, adding that at the time he had “no idea” that within a week of returning to Los Angeles, he booked the role of Raul in The Messengers.

“He’s an undercover agent in Mexico,” he told us about how we’ll first meet Raul. “He’s been on a mission for five years, and he’s lost in the drug cartel, and he’s about to be executed. He is saved by his agents at the last minute, but something funny happens: The agents want to clean the whole situation; that means getting rid of Raul. But in that moment he’s touched by God, and he is reborn with a gift: He can hear your thoughts. It hurts him at first, which I love, because not like all of the sudden I hear it. It’s a painful thing. It’s a great cast, great concept, sci-fi, apocalyptic, with a spiritual element,” he enthused. (A trailer for The Messengers shows off some of the supernatural elements; sadly, the promo is not yet online)

Revolution - Season 2Before The Messengers premieres many months from now, NBC will be airing the series finale of Revolution tonight (May 21), and in it, that also means we’ll be seeing the last appearance of Pardo’s TV dad, Giancarlo Esposito, as Tom Neville. Any chance they’ll work together again?

“I’ll work with him any time,” Pardo said proudly. “I love him. He’s my pop. I’ll work with him any time.”

Revolution concludes tonight with “Declaration of Independence.” (see pictures here) A premiere date for The Messengers has not yet been announced, but it is expected for midseason on The CW.

Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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