iZombie on Set: Malcolm Goodwin & Rose McIver Interview iZombie on Set: Malcolm Goodwin & Rose McIver Interview
On-set interview with Rose McIver and Malcolm Goodwin of The CW television series iZombie iZombie on Set: Malcolm Goodwin & Rose McIver Interview

iZombie has a new episode airing at 9PM (ET) tonight on The CW — a new installment called “Love & Basketball.” The CW “zomedy” is as good as ever, with more and more fans finding interest in Liv Moore and her supporting cast with every week.

On a recent visit to the iZombie sets in Vancouver, British Columbia, we spoke with Malcolm Goodwin (Clive) as well as the series’ star Rose McIver (Liv) about the current season and what’s going on with their characters. Some highlights follow below. Enjoy, and don’t forget to catch the show tonight!

ZMB202a_0852bIs it bothersome to you that Clive still hasn’t figured out the nature of what Liv is?

ROSE McIVER: No. I just think he’s the most patient and opportunistic guy, because it’s also helping him do his job, and kind of regardless of how she does it, she seems to get these pretty good clues. So I think he’s definitely torn, but for me, I think definitely Liv is grateful that it’s somebody who she doesn’t have to battle with every time she takes these brains…. these people, normally, would be judging her, but he’s really accepting.

MALCOLM GOODWIN: I think Clive is just a result-orientated person. I always say he has tunnel vision. I’m sure he has a theory behind it — I mean, I think the first season, he goes “don’t be so method,” and that was his first time kind of commenting on the multiple personality changes. But I think as long as these crimes are being solved — these murders are being brought to justice — that’s all he cares about right now.

McIVER: I’ve got some pretty weird friends in my own life. I feel like you can kind of let a lot [to that]. She’s eccentric, right?

GOODWIN: That’s how he first met Liv in the first place. He doesn’t know her as anything other than having these multiple personalities, so he probably just thinks it’s multiple personality disorder.

ZMB_206a_0318bCan you talk about learning for the upcoming magic episode?

McIVER: That was the most amazing opportunity. It’s kind of interesting, though – it’s like learning Santa isn’t real. Once you start looking into magic and you start learning about the tricks that they use and how it actually works, in some ways, it’s a double-edged sword, because it’s great that I can do a couple of fairly basic tricks now, but at the same time, you start to see behind the curtain a little bit, and that’s been interesting, because I was the person who went to Magic Castle and left, like, sleepless, just thinking “how did they trick me?”

ZMB202c_0123bCan you talk about your characters’ interactions with Major?

McIVER: I think Liv is definitely — I mean, we leave Season 1 and things were obviously terrible between them, and he’s trying to wrap his head around this new version of her, and certainly [it’s] a huge ask of anybody… but at the same time, even as Rose, I get so tired of defending Liv, because she’s kind of really had a hard run herself. She’s having to explain herself to Peyton, she’s having to explain herself to Major, everybody, all the time… and she’s done the best she can, and the writers have definitely made sure that we can still exist in the same world. I don’t want to give you too many spoilers; I think it’s too fun to enjoy how that actually plays out… but yeah. We definitely — I mean, he lives with my colleague and we’re very much exes to didn’t want to ever separate, so it’s not done.

GOODWIN: And Clive, he’s still putting together the pieces from the Meet Cute massacre, and so he really can’t approach Major until he has sufficient evidence. He’s looking into things on his off time, because it’s deemed as “solved.” I think once he gathers up the evidence that the audience knows that’s out there, and the truth, I think that he’ll eventually approach Major on that.

You can watch the full video of our interview below, where they talk about the recent country music episode (which hadn’t aired at the time this interview was conducted), their interactions with other characters, and more. iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9PM (ET/PT) on The CW.


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