Interview: Victor Garber Visits The Flash As Firestorm’s Martin Stein Interview: Victor Garber Visits The Flash As Firestorm’s Martin Stein
Interview with Victor Garber about his role on The Flash, a Firestorm spin-off, more Jack Bristow, and more. Interview: Victor Garber Visits The Flash As Firestorm’s Martin Stein

The Flash continues to stock up on big-name guest stars tonight with the full introduction of Victor Garber as Professor Martin Stein. The name “Martin Stein” should be familiar to comic book fans as one-half of what makes up the character Firestorm, alternating with Ronnie Raymond, who is played on The Flash by Robbie Amell.

We spoke with the Alias and Titanic favorite at the recent press tour about joining The CW series, which airs Tuesdays at 8PM, finding out what we can expect from Professor Stein as well as fielding some questions about a Firestorm spin-off and whether or not we will ever see him playing Alias’ Jack Bristow again. Enjoy:

S030A-210-FLA-110-14KSITETV’s CRAIG BYRNE: You had worked with the Flash producers before on Eli Stone. Can you talk about what it’s like to be working with them again?

VICTOR GARBER: It’s really a pleasure and a privilege, because they’re the best at what they do. For me, I’ve been very fortunate that I have worked with some great people, and this is just a continuation. I feel like I’m doing something right, because it’s all very fulfilling for me.

Was it their participation in The Flash that made this role appealing?

Oh, completely. I had never heard of The Flash, and I still — I’m a comic book illiterate. I don’t know anything about comic books. My agent called me and said “Greg Berlanti’s interested,” and I said “I’m there!” Pretty much sight unseen.

Have you had an Eli Stone reunion with Tom Cavanagh yet?

We’ve worked together, and we’ve hung out together… yes. He’s one of my favorite actors.

How does the Firestorm matrix work in the world of The Flash?

That’s a damn good question! I’m the wrong person [to ask].

I know what the initial introduction is, and I think they’re just trying to amalgamate and have this world that’s ongoing, and Firestorm is a major part of that. The trick was to figure out how to separate them, and how to bring them back together. That’s what’s evolving.

super-powers-team_L05Does Martin hear Ronnie’s thoughts in his mind, and vice versa?

Ronnie hears Martin. So, Ronnie is Firestorm. He’s the physical manifestation.

So, this means you don’t have to wear the costume?

Exactly! Would you want to see me in that costume? I certainly wouldn’t, and I promise you, neither would you. But, no. I’m the old guy, Robbie [Amell] is the sexy young guy. It’s perfect.

S030A-210-FLA-110-11Have you seen what happens when Firestorm is completely flamed on between the two of you?

Yes. You’ll see that.

Can you talk about how Martin Stein comes into the series?

He is introduced in a seemingly arbitrary meeting with Barry, but what you realize is that he has some interest in Harrison Wells, because of what he’s doing at his lab, and what Stein is discovering in his world of nuclear physics.

firestorm-1Would you be up for a Firestorm spin-off if one were to happen?

You know, sure. Honestly, right now, I really don’t know what they’re thinking – if they are thinking about it. I’m doing a lot of other things at the moment, so it would depend on my availability, and also, I live in New York. I don’t want to live in Vancouver. So, there would be a lot to sort out. But, yes. Of course. I love this group of people, and I hope I can continue to work with them.

What was it like being on stage with so many people for the Flash/Arrow panel at the TCA press tour?

It was remarkable. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m in awe of this group, because they are some of the best actors I’ve ever worked with, right there, and we’re all a part of the same world, and for me, that’s the best part of this. Whatever happens is out of my hands, but to be able to be in the room with these people, and to work with these people, that’s why I wanted to be an actor.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 11.44.29 AMIn this day and age when everything comes back, do you think we’ll ever see Jack Bristow again?

Not me as Jack Bristow. They may do Alias before Alias, like they did with Sex and the City, and there’ll be a young Jack Bristow. Maybe I’ll play the grandfather or something!

Why should people tune in to see you on The Flash?

If you’re enjoying The Flash, you’re going to enjoy it even more!

The Flash episode “The Nuclear Man” airs at 8PM ET/PT TONIGHT (February 10) on The CW. Take a look at some preview images here!


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