Interview: The Tomorrow People’s Mark Pellegrino On What’s Next For Jedikiah Interview: The Tomorrow People’s Mark Pellegrino On What’s Next For Jedikiah
Interview with Mark Pellegrino of The CW's Tomorrow People Interview: The Tomorrow People’s Mark Pellegrino On What’s Next For Jedikiah

The drama on The CW’s Tomorrow People has been growing, especially in recent episodes as we have learned more about the backstory of the conflicted Jedikiah Price (Mark Pellegrino) and his brother, Roger (Jeffrey Pierce), and Roger happens to be the father of Robbie Amell’s Stephen Jameson. As played by LOST, Being Human, and Supernatural veteran Pellegrino, Jedikiah is a character of many layers — layers that seriously became unraveled in the March 24 episode, that will continue to unravel tonight (March 31) in a new installment airing at 9PM ET.

The Tomorrow PeopleWe spoke with Mr. Pellegrino about those recent events and what we have to look forward to in tonight’s show and beyond. Enjoy. Please note the interview is split into two parts so be sure to navigate to the second half.

KSITETV’s CRAIG BYRNE: For people who didn’t see last week’s episode, can you talk about the history between Jedikiah, Roger, and the Founder?

MARK PELLEGRINO: It seemed that Roger and Jedikiah had been working experimentally together for a long time to probe the source of Roger’s powers and figure out how he could do what he was doing and why, and they were at a dead end. And at this dead end, and not so coincidentally I imagine, this guy, Hugh Bathory, reached out to Jedikiah, and Bathory had advanced quite a bit further in his research, and it seemed like an alliance with him would make for some major breakthroughs for Jedikiah and Roger. Not to mention, this guy seemed to have a huge plan, for this benevolent integration of the Tomorrow People into society. It seemed very productive and Utopian, and pretty amazing. With one glitch, of course: Jedikiah felt that as humans discovered there’s a superior species, there would be a massive backlash, and this would lead to a conflict – a conflict which the humans would lose, because they didn’t have this evolutionary capacity that the Homo Superiors did. He felt that there should be included in this research a means of transferring powers, and Bathory didn’t feel that way.

So, I think from the very beginning, there was a rift and Bathory allied himself with my brother and tried to drive a wedge between the two of us, and then that was the nature of our relationship, and we all kind of went along until we discovered that perhaps there was more to Bathory than met the eye.

EndgameCan you talk about working with Jeffrey Pierce and Simon Merrells in the flashbacks?

They’re fun. I mean, you’ve gotta love my hair and Simon’s hair. There should be just an episode about our hair. [laughs]

They’re fun – not only because we get to see each other in do’s that probably have no place anywhere in the world, let alone in a flashback. It’s fun because the history of our characters is getting uncovered to us before our very eyes now. You make choices as an actor because you have to, to make things specific, and then here you get a chance to actually fill in a piece of Jedikiah’s diary for real, because this is the actual vision. It’s nice to see what the writers are thinking about the past relationships. It’s nice to see that Roger and Jedikiah really love each other.

Modus VivendiJed’s going to be in a lot of danger moving forward, isn’t he?

Indeed he is, and it’s only going to get worse, my friend. He’s on the lam. He’s outside of ULTRA now, and probably in a safe house somewhere of his own, that he’s kept secret from everybody, and to make matters worse, it seems like the Tomorrow People are completely buying what Bathory is selling them. So, he’s alienated from everybody – even Stephen. He obviously didn’t have any allies in Cara or John, who’s always been very conflicted about him, but Stephen, at least, was one of the people he could count on from time to time, and now even Stephen has gone over to the other side. So, being that Stephen is so elemental to his overall plan with Roger, he’s going to have a really tough nut to crack to try to bring Stephen back to his side.

Does this mean that Jedikiah won’t be able to see Morgan at all either?

You know, he’s on the lam. He can’t see anybody, unless it’s on the sly. We’ll see what happens with he and Morgan. There’s a lot of loose ends to tie up there.

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