Interview: Supernatural’s Ben Edlund Joins The Revolution Interview: Supernatural’s Ben Edlund Joins The Revolution
Interview with writer Ben Edlund about the NBC television series Revolution Interview: Supernatural’s Ben Edlund Joins The Revolution

Many of the “wackier” episodes of The CW’s Supernatural in recent years came to us from the [geniusly twisted] mind of writer Ben Edlund, who has now moved over NBC to join Supernatural creator Eric Kripke for the second season of NBC’s Revolution. The show will be moving to Wednesdays this Fall, starting September 25, and Edlund is just one of many fantastic writers added to the Season 2 arsenal.

Revolution2013_PWe caught up with Mr. Edlund at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego to talk about moving from Winchesters to the world of Mathesons and Monroe. “It’s actually fundamentally different in its engine,” he confirms. “That [Supernatural] had aspects of procedural; this is like a saga. This is like writing some giant, fat book… some missionary tale!”

“Maybe the pivotal difference is this is an alternate universe,” Edlund continues, figuring out what makes the two shows so different in their approach. “The difference being that in Supernatural, for example, there’s two guys who know the secret. They know that under this universe, there’s another truth, and they find connections to that mystery as they go forward in their story. But it never felt right if suddenly the Devil comes out, and everyone knows the Devil’s real, because that turns it into an alternate universe like True Blood. Everybody knows vampires are real, so the news is an alternate universe news, and there’s all this oddness. Revolution is that. Strange, wild, universe-altering things have happened on a global scale. Everybody has related to it and we’re in a completely new future, and that’s a very fertile ground. Exciting!”

my1_4890_rtEdlund confirms that he does always look to doing quirkier stories, but that Revolution “has a higher degree of naturalism.” “For example, levels of meta and just formula weirdness that we all could play on Supernatural, where you could break the format… that stuff doesn’t happen here. But, I see the opportunity as it develops to have extremely strange things happen. Because, just to me, although there’s a human map of interaction in this new world, which is already a crazy new thing, but under it, we’ve just begun to look at what nanotechnological disarray is going to be. The sweater was well woven around the planet until the events of the last episode of the season. That’s come loose, and weird stuff is going to start to happen. That’s where I think I get to do that weird stuff. Because when you look into nanotech with just a little bit of imagination, it goes nuts. It’s amazing. So, eventually it’ll be a nice, slow simmer, we’ll feel like we’ve earned it, and we’ll get really weird,” he hints.

Season 2 of Revolution begins Wednesday, September 25 on NBC.

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