Interview: Jeremy Carver Talks Supernatural Season 10 Interview: Jeremy Carver Talks Supernatural Season 10
Comic-Con interview with Supernatural executive producer Jeremy Carver Interview: Jeremy Carver Talks Supernatural Season 10

While some video from yesterday’s Supernatural Comic-Con press room is forthcoming, we figure we’d share what Executive Producer Jeremy Carver had to say about where the boys are at the start of Season 10. Video with the full interview will be posted soon.

img_5063“When the season starts, Sam has no idea what happened with his brother,” Carver says. “He laid him down dead on a bed, and he came back in the room and his brother wasn’t there. He doesn’t have any idea. He doesn’t know that Dean is a demon…. he doesn’t know any of that. So, Sam is very hot and heavy in the pursuit. He’s got ideas of what may have happened, and I think you’ll see the brothers, when all is said and done… I like it a lot. Even something a little bit different than what we’ve seen in the past couple years, in the way they react in the aftermath.”

“I think there’s a certain amount of healing that has to go on, that they both acknowledge – both in their relationship and just on a personal level,” Carver explains. “So you’re going to see the boys really going underground saying ‘we need to get better,’ and of course, the supernatural always follows them, but it’s not the same bombastic ‘you idiot!’ – you know what I mean? It’s neat. And of course, schisms always occur and everything, and secrets, but the boys – for everything they go through – actually end up in a good place.”

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