Interview: Heather Locklear Joins TNT’s Franklin & BashInterview: Heather Locklear Joins TNT’s Franklin & Bash
Heather Locklear talks about the new character she will be playing on TNT's Franklin & Bash Interview: Heather Locklear Joins TNT’s Franklin & Bash

A new partner joins the Infield & Daniels firm and Peter Bash and Jared Franklin get a new challenge in the upcoming third season of TNT’s Franklin & Bash, which premieres Wednesday, June 19 on the network. Rachel King is her name, she’s played by TV legend Heather Locklear, she takes no prisoners, and she already gets to have her name on the door.

Locklear, who is no stranger to joining series and making them even better later in their runs, joins the cast in the Season 3 premiere, soon after her character has her first run-in with the boys on Piers Morgan’s show. Developing chemistry with Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer was not a challenge for the TV icon. “I think anyone would have instant chemistry with those two boys,” she said. “They were joking and laughing right away.”

Heather Locklear has played many roles in her decades-spanning career which included runs on Dynasty, Melrose Place, and Spin City, but this is actually the first time she is playing a lawyer — something, in addition to her enjoyment of series like Boston Legal and Ally McBeal, that drew her to the show. Additionally, “I like that she’s strong and well-educated, and knows world leaders, and knows her stuff,” she says. Although Stanton Infleld is quick to bring Rachel on board as a partner, that is not to say that no toes will be stepped on. “I do see that down the line a little bit, because he hands over the reins to her to get everyone in shape, and I might step on toes a bit. It’s so fun working with Malcolm [McDowell]. He’s so twinkly and sparkly, and such fun,” she says.

Why is Stanton so quick to bring her on board? “I think she’s well-known, and I think that’s why he brings her in,” she says. “She’s looking to raise the bar, and I think she wants to be a part of this team, and she really appreciates Stanton, but she’s only going there if she gets the full reign to run the show. So it’s a good fit.” Quickly, she asserts her power, even ordering for the shared office space between Jared and Peter to have a wall in between them, splitting the duo. “It’s kind of bratty, but they’re kind of bratty, so you have to separate them. I think she wants to wield her power over them, and show them what she can do. She means business,” Locklear explains.

Is dealing with the actors who play Jared Franklin and Peter Bash anything like interacting their characters?

“They are the same. They might be worse. Or better, whichever way you want to look at it. They’re awesome,” Heather enthuses, pointing out that you always get both of them, rather than just one at a time. “I’ve never had a scene with just one of them. They’re always together, like a couple. You have to have both of them,” she says.

The third season of Franklin & Bash premieres with two back-to-back episodes starting at 9PM on Wednesday, June 19.

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