Interview: Grey Damon Talks Star-Crossed Interview: Grey Damon Talks Star-Crossed
Interview with Grey Damon of The CW's Star-Crossed Interview: Grey Damon Talks Star-Crossed

Grey Damon (Twisted) is one of the leads in The CW’s Star-Crossed, and tonight’s episode – the show’s second, airing at 8PM Monday – will explore the aftermath of the events of the series premiere. It also features some big moments for Grey’s character of Grayson.

STAR-CROSSEDWe caught up with Mr. Damon at the recent TCA press tour to find out a little bit more about his character.

“He’s a great guy. He’s the type of guy who cares about his friends, and is loyal. That’s really interesting about him,” Grey told us, before pointing out that not everything is as it seems. “He has sort of a darker past. He tries hard, but there sort of always seems to be something that screws him around,” he teased.

Damon says that Grayson’s feelings about the Atrians are “50/50” and that “he doesn’t necessarily hate them,” but there is something he does like: fellow human Emery. “I think they definitely are attracted to each other, in a more than friends way,” he hinted. So would the human Grayson be a better choice for her affections than Roman might be? “Maybe as far as safety goes, I guess, because we’re dealing with this sort of world where the Atrians aren’t socially accepted by everyone. That can be dangerous for her, too,” he said.

Grey promised a “huge arc” for Grayson, who he says “changes the most throughout the first season.” Most of his interactions on the show, so far, are with Emery, and Damon noted that Grayson is a bit of a leader — even if he’s “not the leader you like or want.” We will be seeing some of Grayson’s family background, including a brother who was killed during the war. The brother’s death affects Grayson “but not in the way you would think” – Damon does, however, tease that Grayson’s mother is affected “in a more aggressive way.”

These Violent Delights Have Violent EndsHe also praised the producers for coming up with new and surprising situations for his character.  “It’s a show where you kind of want something to happen, and it might, but not necessarily in the way you want it, but then after a while you realize why this was a better choice. You really have to trust everyone you work with. You just are on for the ride,” he said. “I just want [Grayson] to have an interesting, unpredictable storyline. They’ve done a great job with that, and I would like for that to continue.”

“I think it’s going to be great,” Damon says about his hopes for Star-Crossed. “I think it’s going to be very original, meaningful, and crazy. Scary at times, just because of the social aspects of it… but I’m really excited about it, and I hope people get excited about it.”

Star-Crossed is new tonight at 8PM (ET) on The CW.


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