Interview: Candice King Talks Caroline Relationships & Valerie Interview: Candice King Talks Caroline Relationships & Valerie
Interview with Candice King who plays Caroline Forbes on The Vampire Diaries Interview: Candice King Talks Caroline Relationships & Valerie

What happens when a relationship seems to be going well, and then an ex comes back with a secret?

In the case of the “Steroline” (Stefan and Caroline) relationship on The Vampire Diaries, it could mean some developments are on the way.

We spoke with actress Candice King on the set of The Vampire Diaries yesterday, on the eve of a new episode titled “Best Served Cold” that airs tonight on The CW. In it and in episodes in the coming weeks, we’ll see some more interaction and thoughts between Caroline and Stefan’s ex, Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore), and Candice gave the room full of reporters details on what’s coming there.

VD705c_0059b“Caroline and Valerie have a very interesting dynamic in the upcoming episodes,” Candice reveals. “There is a lot of tension… what I love is that we’ve seen Caroline become such a strong character, and kind of fight off a lot of her insecurities, and what I think is interesting is that now that she’s with Stefan, and especially this season, her insecurities are actually coming back really strong. You know, she’s been a very insecure girlfriend this season, which I think is natural, because she’s had this build-up of a relationship for so long… I think she’s just waiting for something bad to happen, and so, Valerie kind of comes into town, and she now knows the history — she thinks she knows the full extent, but there are still secrets that they’re keeping.”

Candice promises more Caroline and Valerie interaction is coming in the upcoming episodes – and more information will come out as time comes. “Valerie will definitely – as their relationship blossoms – begin to reveal more truths about her character, individually, and her history with Stefan,” she teases.

TVD704A_0161b2As for the relationship with Stefan, King notes that Caroline is often outgoing with her feelings, where Stefan has been a lot more cold and reserved about what’s going on… will the two of them meet in the middle? “I think that’s an interesting pattern between the relationship of Caroline and Stefan. Caroline wasn’t necessarily there for all the scenes we’ve seen, but for viewers of the show that have seen Stefan in a relationship with Elena, he was very open. He did put her first. And that’s not what we’re really seeing, now that these two characters have come together,” Candice says. “I think that is interesting, because it’s been all this hard work and all of this build-up, and sometimes in real life, relationships either make sense or they don’t. If you really, really, really have to try really hard to make it work, is it supposed to work? I think that’s kind of the question that’s not really at the forefront of either Caroline or Stefan’s minds, but at least when I’m reading the episodes, that’s kind of personally – me, as Candice – how I’m looking at the scenario as an outside viewer.”

Looking more to the future, are we going to learn who Caroline’s fiancee is in the show’s flash-forwards? “Yes. You will learn who her fiancee is very soon,” King teases. Is it who she was hoping for it to be? Without giving it away, Candice says she did figure it out and she was “very excited.”

“It stumped me for a minute, and then I figured it out,” she says.

GraduationWhatever relationship Caroline ends up with — Candice credits social media with some of the growth in popularity of certain couples, and the relationship with the fans in general. “It’s really wild to have taken this journey in the social media age, and I think it’s definitely impacted the series in a way that [relationships] like, Klaus and Caroline, I don’t think would have ever necessarily been as big of a ‘ship’ as the kids say as it was without social media. I think there’s tons of scenarios in which social media has played a huge part in the trajectory of the series,” she says.

The Vampire Diaries “Best Served Cold” airs tonight (November 12) at 8PM on The CW. Look for more interviews from our Atlanta trip (including VIDEO!) soon here on KSiteTV – be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel! Below, find some photos from “Best Served Cold.”


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