Hindsight: The Cast Talks About The VH1 Series Hindsight: The Cast Talks About The VH1 Series
Interview with Laura Ramsey, Craig Horner, and Sarah Goldberg of VH1's Hindsight Hindsight: The Cast Talks About The VH1 Series

Hindsight is a new show airing at 10PM Wednesdays on VH1, with a new episode airing tonight. If you haven’t seen the show before, it’s available on Hulu, and they’re only on episode 2 so it’s easy to catch up.

In tonight’s show, Becca (Laura Ramsey) makes some major moves when it comes to her career in 1995.

mgid-uma-video-vh1We spoke with actors Laura Ramsey (Becca), Sarah Goldberg (Lolly), and Craig Horner (Sean) last weekend for some thoughts on what it’s like to be part of this series… starting with the inevitable question of what there was about 1995 that surprised them.

All of the cast is old enough to remember 1995, so for them, it was less of a sense of surprise and more of a sense of nostalgia. “Remembering the little details and moments and things you used to do… habits, and wardrobe, and all of that, that we just sat and reminisced about, and what a fun era [it was] for us,” Laura Ramsey said of the cast’s reaction to doing the show.”

It was the nostalgia more than the surprise, even though we were kids. It was the joy of rediscovering things,” Sarah Goldberg added. “Rediscovering pagers and pay phones and mix tapes and everything, rather than a surprise. Just going ‘oh, man! Remember when we did that?’ and the innocence of no Facebook, no Twitter… everything’s done in a more personal way.”

hindsightCraig Horner specifically recalled how you actually had to go out of your way to get your favorite media.”You want to buy an album? You go to a store and buy it! You want to go to a movie? Go to the movies!” he exclaimed.

Looking forward to the show’s future, we were able to find out that there are currently no plans to see Sean and Lolly in their forties, as we saw Becca in the series premiere. “Becca’s pretty much in the 90’s for the rest of the season,” Ramsey said. “I don’t know what Season 2 will be… we might get a chance to, but right now, it’s forging Becca’s path back through those decisions in the 90’s, in her early twenties. We do a little bit of jumping around for memories that she’s had of the future, but we’re not jumping to the future and back; we stick with 1995.”

Sarah Goldberg does tell us that there are moments where the audience is invited into the events of the future – but this new place where Becca has the hindsight of a 40-year-old may change things when they do it all again. “For the moment, the joy and the excitement is really re-investigating your early twenties. The fight is the looming demon in the background, but not the focus, for now.”

The Becca and Lolly friendship will continue to be explored.  “It’s the love affair of the show,” Sarah said. “We have so much history together.”

“It’s the age group, as well,” Ramsey added. “I mean, they’re only 23 years old, and at that age, as a female, your girlfriends are everything. Sean and Becca did get engaged and married so very young. It’s a symptom of that time in your life that you need some female friends.”

Hindsight airs a new episode tonight at 10PM/9 Central on VH1!

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