The Following: Interview With Sam Underwood, The Show’s Twisted New AdditionThe Following: Interview With Sam Underwood, The Show’s Twisted New Addition
Interview with Sam Underwood who plays Luke on FOX's The Following The Following: Interview With Sam Underwood, The Show’s Twisted New Addition

Joe Carroll — or his memory — won’t be the only bad force in The Following Season 2.

tf_24-sam-elevator-two_2158_pw2Tonight’s season premiere will also introduce us to Sam Underwood as “Luke,” a “new kid on the block” who will add a new wrench into the world of the show.

“Luke is a very complex individual,” Underwood told us at the FOX party as part of the recent Television Critics Association press tour. Very dangerous. He’s got a lot of charm about him, he’s a little narcissistic, and you can expect lots of mischief out of his endeavors,” he said.

Sam is mum on what interaction Luke has with Joe Carroll, but he did tell us a few things. “I can’t tell you details on that, but the reason that Luke enters Season 2, is for a very specific reason related to Joe Carroll, but he’s not a Joe Carroll follower, if you know what I mean. It’s for a brand new reason. There’s a whole new story there, which is really wonderful.”

Although Underwood played the apprentice to Dexter in his role on Dexter, we might not see something like that between Luke and Joe Carroll. “I think he sees him as competition,” Sam said. “Luke is very about himself, and I don’t think you could put two narcissists together, or have one narcissist want to be around another.” As for Ryan Hardy, Sam had a much more playful answer. “He’s a play thing. He’ll be a fun mouse to chase,” he said.

201_Ressurection-2_8-27_0254Does Underwood have anything he’d like to see Luke doing before season’s end? “I’ve gotten to do some really interesting things with the character. We’ve only got four more episodes to shoot, and I know potentially what’s coming up, but if I had my dream, it would probably be a battle royale with Ryan Hardy,” Underwood said. “Complete gun fight. It would be amazing. Then we both lose the guns, and then we get into a fist fight.”

And then Luke wins? “Sure. Absolutely. That would be the dream,” Sam said.

Don’t miss the season premiere of The Following tonight (January 19) after the championship football game on FOX!

Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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