Craig Horner Talks About Revisiting The World Of The Seeker Craig Horner Talks About Revisiting The World Of The Seeker
Hindsight's Craig Horner talks about revisiting the world of Richard Cypher and Legend of the Seeker. Craig Horner Talks About Revisiting The World Of The Seeker

Craig Horner and Legend of the Seeker fans – and we know there are many of you out there – we’re here seeking a favor.

As you surely know, Mr. Horner currently stars as Sean in the excellent VH1 series Hindsight, which sees a new episode airing at 10PM Wednesday night (March 11). Like Legend of the Seeker, it’s a fantastic show, but not everyone seems to have discovered its awesomeness yet. As Wednesday night’s episode is the season finale, the show needs your eyes now more than ever.

Craig_Horner_as_Richard_2_thSo, here’s the deal. A few weeks ago, we spoke with the cast of Hindsight and made a point of asking Craig Horner if we’ll ever see Richard Cypher again. We’re sharing that today, and hope you share this interview, but do us a favor too: Watch Hindsight Wednesday night. Watch the previous episodes On Demand. Tell your friends, and don’t let this be another great show that is cut short because not enough people saw that the first time.

Lecture’s done. Here’s what he had to say when asked about whether he thinks we’ll see Legend of the Seeker’s Richard Cypher revisited:

“It’ll never leave me, because it didn’t end properly, you know?” Horner said. “I invested so much of myself into that show. It’s like when you’re dressed up in a completely crazy outfit, all day, every day, for like nine months, and everyone else is dressed crazy, and you’re in the wilderness, you spend more of your waking hours in Imagination-land than being a real person and doing real things. I spent more time holding swords, fighting people, riding horses, doing weird stuff like that… and I really love those kind of stories, personally. So I would like to see it come back. I think it will. I think it’ll be one of those shows that each year just gets more and more fans, because it didn’t get its right distribution originally.”

So there you go, Seekers. Enjoy the show Wednesday night!

Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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