Beauty And The Beast Interview: Kelly Souders On “Heart Of Darkness” & MoreBeauty And The Beast Interview: Kelly Souders On “Heart Of Darkness” & More
Interview with Beauty and the Beast executive producer Kelly Souders Beauty And The Beast Interview: Kelly Souders On “Heart Of Darkness” & More

Shortly before the Wondercon panel for Beauty And The Beast, we were able to interview series lead Kristin Kreuk and Executive Producer Kelly Souders, both veterans of Smallville who are now staking their own new highlight for Thursday nights on The CW. While we are sad to say that the show is a repeat tonight, there will be new episodes starting again April 18 with “Heart Of Darkness.”

To make up for that one-week-longer wait, how about an interview?

Here are some highlights of what Kelly Souders had to tell us about what’s coming up as well as some of what’s come in the last few episodes of the show, which seems to be getting better with every episode:

Was it always the intention for Vincent and Catherine to kiss as soon as they did? “You know what, I will admit: No,” Kelly confirms. “We had been thinking of that kiss, but we actually ended up pulling it forward a little bit more. I think in a way what it did, was it allowed us to open up some of the story for the back half. We work really closely with CBS Studios and the CW Network; ot’s a big discussion with them, working with them as partners, and we all kind of agreed together: ‘Let’s just move it a little closer up because it’ll allow us to blow out some things in the back’.”

But, really: Was the “VinCat” resolution a way to make up for the bad fan reaction to Alex on the Internet? “I can’t say that, because we end up breaking stories so much of ahead of when they air,” Kelly tells us. “Quite a bit of time passes [in the process]… although we did read all those comments,” she laughs.

What has sparked the move away from the show being so procedural? “[Cat] being a cop is such a critical part of her character, but it was great to have a few of the episodes up top where you were with her and her character a little bit more, as this mystery was unfolding,” Kelly says. “I think all of us…. you get footage in ,and you start looking at scenes and things, and you start seeing Cat and Vincent together, and you see them on the run from Muirfield, or whatever it is… all that stuff is compelling, so it was nice when we were able to shift a little bit. After people kind of knew the characters, we started weaving the world a little differently,” she confirms.

On being wowed by Kristin Kreuk: “She’s really phenomenal, in ‘Heart Of Darkness’ in particular, I think because there are a lot of moments where she can’t say the thing that she’s thinking. As an actor, it’s really hard to portray those inner dialogues without even being able to say one word, because the people you’re talking to are the people you’re trying to hide everything from,” Kelly says. “There was once scene where I literally was watching it and thinking, ‘She’s become this incredible, multi-layered actor.’ She never disappoints you. You write something and it always comes out as you hope it would, and I think for whatever reason, when I was in the editing room for this episode, I really got these moments of being able to see it from a much more objective view and removed a little bit more, I don’t know why… but it was a really great experience. I feel like after watching this episode, there’s nothing that I could throw at her that she won’t nail and elevate. She was great on Smallville, I loved her performance, but what I think is great about this show for her is that, because it is about her, you see a lot more of the sides of her life than you do when it’s a character who’s on for 12 minutes out of the 40-some minutes [of an episode].”

When are we going to learn more about Gabe? “You’re going to learn a lot,” she says. “It’ll start unraveling more and more. The last couple episodes of the season in particular, he becomes… you’ll understand a new place that he has in the show.”

Will we learn more about Cat’s mom? “That’s definitely going to come into play and how she comes to learn more about her mother is kind of interesting and more will unravel, all the way, really, up until the finale,” Kelly says.

Will that finale involve a cliffhanger? “Of course! There’s a couple cliffhangers. There’s multiple cliffhangers that we’ve got in the finale,” Kelly promises.

“Heart Of Darkness” airs April 18 on The CW. You can see some images from the episode here. To check out our interview with Kristin Kreuk, check out our Beauty And The Beast hub!

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