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Beauty And The Beast Interview: Brad Kern Talks About The Current State Of “VinCat”

The midseason finale of The CW’s Beauty and the Beast airs this Monday, November 25, and in it, we see some serious conflicts between the characters and a showdown with Reynolds, the antagonist who also happens to be Cat’s father. Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Cat (Kristin Kreuk) may have opposing opinions on how to deal with him.

Man or Beast?The CW this morning held a screening of the episode which preceded a Q&A with Executive Producer Brad Kern, who answered many questions about the current state of “VinCat” (the Vincent/Catherine relationship) and what that might mean for the future. More specifically, and getting to the point — how long will it be before these two fulfill their destiny to be together?

“They have to earn their relationship,” Kern says. “I mean, they got together so quickly last year, as you guys know. It’s an epic love; they’re meant to be together… but our design for the season, really, was asking the audience to go along with us on the ride, to explore what happens when a relationship comes together maybe too fast, and you lose yourself inside the relationship, and separating them for all these very emotional and practical and moral reasons will help them in the next several episodes [to] learn more about who they are separately. The plan is for that to make them stronger as individuals, to understand better who they are, ultimately so they can find their way back to each other, stronger than ever. That’s the hope; that’s the plan,” he confirms.

Man or Beast?“But it is Cat and Vincent, right? So even when they are separated, they’re never apart, because as we like to say, the universe wants them to be together, even when they’re apart,” he continues. “So, the fun of the next several episodes will be watching all the different ways that they come together, which is kind of a sign for them. But, we’re exploring their separate characters, although as I say, there won’t be very many scenes where they’re not together, because the gods want them together, and I think the audience does, too.”

Kern is well aware that a world full of rabid “Beasties” will not be happy unless they get some payoff. “I live in a gated community, but I still think the fans would climb the gates and tear down my house if we kept them apart for too long,” he laughs before explaining the plan for the relationship on the series. “They’re meant to be together. You can’t put two people together right away and keep them together; there’s no legs to a series if you do that. What do you play? So, the challenge this year has been how we build a show that might last five years, or longer. We can’t do that by having them together, and we can’t really explore their individual characters together. Last year they were defined by each other because they were thrown together, which is fair, that’s what that season was about. But going forward, looking beyond just Season 1 or Season 2, but trying to build a show that has the foundation to really reward the epic romance, it’s challenging that relationship, and the metaphor really is for anybody Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?"who is in a relationship, the relationship has to be challenged, and you have to overcome obstacles. Not always other beasts, but the metaphor is there’s other challenges that we all have to overcome to test the relationship, to see if it really is worthy for them to be together. Not just because it’s epic, but because they really deserve to be together. They earned that relationship,” he explains. “We’ve had a lot of fun playing them, even on opposite sides of a case, and there they are running into each other again, and it becomes a little Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which is romantic. Romance exists even when couples are apart,” he says.

Kern is aware that some fans and critics weren’t too happy with Cat sacrificing so much for Vincent early on in the season, and he addressed that concern with a challenge to that argument. “Some of the fans had given us a little heat for Cat sacrificing too much, not being strong enough, but I challenge that by saying ‘when do you give up on love?’ At what point, when you’ve put in so much time into somebody who is in trouble, at what point do you say ‘that’s it. You’re on your own?’ And that was the question we wanted to ask this first 8 episodes. We wanted to start showing some of the cracks in her character, and her frustration as she went to try to go to the reunion, and she tried to go out with Tess… she tried to get her life back, concurrent with saving this guy, because she was recognizing that she was sacrificing too much. That’s tough love, right? That’s what we were always aiming for, and now, we venture into the consequences of post-tough love. Tough love is sometimes necessary for a relationship to come back stronger together. We’re banking on the audience buying into the season, to let us tell the story so that we can develop their relationship separately and together, as adults,” he says.

With all that said, even if the “epic romance” is not at the forefront, and even if there is conflict, Kern says Cat and Vincent have a lot connecting them. “Cat and Vincent will be on opposite sides of cases for a short while, which will, again, be super fun to watch, but they will also discover that there’s more than just the love that binds them,” Kern teases. “They’re destined to be together for more than just romantic reasons. There’s a mythological reason that we’ll discover, too.”

The Beauty and the Beast midseason finale, “Man or Beast?” airs Monday, November 25 at 9PM on The CW. Take a look at some preview images below:


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  1. 5 years or more??? Are you kidding? If Batb gets a 3rd season be happy. This show had a lot of potecial but writers and Kern did a mess. Who cares if they stay separated for 20 episodes, the problems is, they crossed the line. There is no going back. Its worst than Alex. There is no way this is epic love. Vincent pushed Catherine and that’s ok? What woman with a little self respect would tolerate that?? I’m sorry but i can’t see a future for Batb, i just can’t! After mid season finale i lost hope. Mark gave Batb a chance but the writers took fans for grated, now live with that. All the new shows are doing good so what you think is going down? Batb of course.

    Don’t get me wrong but this whole 50/50 fans from what? The rating is almost half of last season…The numbers are terrible, People just don’t watch. It seems to me they really want Batb to be canceled. If that is their reason, they are doing a great job.

  2. If I hear another person say that’s what makes tv fun…I’m gonna scream. Fun is enjoyable. And if half the fan base has already abandoned ship, exactly how much fun do u think they’ve been having? And many who have remained have remained b/c they are still holding on to the hope of the VinCat of S1 returning. U’ve screwed up…plain and simple! Now changes in CW scheduling proves cancellation’s obviously looming overhead. Catherine Chandler is supposed to be the lead in this show, not the newly written poor victimized, ego/@ssholecentric V2.0. Sherry Cooper and Jennifer Levin need to be back in charge. For they r the creators & understand the heart of a Beastie. This show needs to get back to what made us believers in the first place. My greatest fear is that it’s already too late to salvage what was the purest, most beautiful love story on television. And I’m sick of the term epic love. This is not epic love at all. The new direction has been epic though….EPIC FAIL!

  3. Journey is more important than the destination. Journey is everything! They’ve effectively killed vincat by having her shoot him. By breaking the promise that Vincent would never physically hurt Cat. By having Vincent sexually attracted to Tori to the point where he can’t control himself? Did they really want Tori to become a regular character with that kind of pull on Vincent? For 4 more dreary seasons? Catherine should have been irresistible to Vincent, not Tori. Didn’t he stalk her for a decade?

    At the core of this “love” story, when it comes down to Catherine and some other woman, Vincent always picks the other woman then crawls back to Catherine when he has no other option. I don’t understand this. Why do they write the characters like this? Why does she take him back so easily? What is this talk of myth and destiny? Do they mean like an arranged marriage? Because that would be gross. You want these characters to make choices of their own free will. And I see Vincent freely choosing someone else.

    Look at the dvr live7 ratings, people have abandoned this show. I’m guessing that online viewership has gone down the drain as well. There really nothing to watch or rewatch unless your name is debbie downer.

    I can only guess the threat of getting canceled means vincat will reconcile at the end of season 2, as friends, I’m hoping. Because Vincent needs therapy more than anything else and Catherine should experience someone who truly adores her.

  4. coaster's just making me ill

    What a big fricking mess has been made here! And I don’t think there’s enough mops to swab the deck, cause this boat’s sinking way too fast! This show was a breath of fresh air compared to it’s counterparts…no more. Let’s rename it “everything concerning the beast” (V2.0 ) let’s tag him with this pitiful woman whose always pining for him, always putting him b/f herself (Cat) no matter what he does b/c after all he’s a poor victim…poor self-centered cold, angry, abusive, lying, cheating fellow ~ every one else has controlled his behavior/his life. I need a tissue. And now let’s add a hint of the friends who’s identities don’t matter much anymore either! (JT&Tess) Wah Lah! There u have it. Ooh almost forget useless love interest. (Gabe&Tori) Hence the major f*ck up of what used to be a well balanced show with many dynamic characters and an unparallel love story. Way to go! No wonder so many have gotten off the infamous roller coaster. They are throwing up~

  5. U know Vincent is carrying cross-species DNA and the beast side of him has taken over so he can’t be blamed for his behavior and doesn’t have his full memory; he’s being controlled u know/we should just be feeling sympathy and understanding for him….think like a beast audience not like humans, what’s the matter with u people?… just turn ur heads when he does unspeakable things to this beautiful woman we all saw him love and adore like a beautiful man in S1, it’s not his fault after all. Swallow, swallow, swallow. So how does it taste? Yummy? Want some more? Awesome ride! Yippee!
    So how’s that increase in male audience thing going for u guys? And u’ve even retitled it “Beast” and they still didn’t come? That’s a shame.
    Get a clue! We r being left with nothing to love anymore and everything we did love is being taken away!

  6. Give batb a proper ending before it will be in hiatus forever!at least beasties will have a proper closer on this show!

  7. Vincent is MY Beast

    They should’ve never brought another girl in the picture, I was all for a female beast but as someone who hated Cat’s mother for what she turned her into and going after Cat because the mother was dead and Cat finding out her mother isn’t really dead, she staged her death, she’s a beast in hiding because there are people who want her and her secrets.

  8. Brad kern it’s already episode 10 till now we doesn’t see anything change on ur script and show !! All we see is Vincent being a bipolar beast and tori on his side as a dog!! How is important Tori’s character in beauty and beast ? She doesn’t help anything in regard to rating and audience! People are pissed already what you’ve been doin to the show!! Give us proper closure so this Vincent /tori arc is done!! Are really goin on a 3-5 yrs plan od batb or 3 months ?