Beauty and the Beast: Austin Basis Talks Season 3 & What’s Coming Up Beauty and the Beast: Austin Basis Talks Season 3 & What’s Coming Up
Interview with Austin Basis of The CW's Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast: Austin Basis Talks Season 3 & What’s Coming Up

One of the biggest surprise renewals of the recent Upfronts season that revealed the fates of several TV shows was the notion that Beauty and the Beast would be back for a third season during the 2014-2015 year. The show, which still does well internationally, saw ratings decreases upon its Monday move on The CW, and some fans thought that the relegation to summer for the season’s final six episodes might be a sign that the end would be near.

ÒBeast Is The New BlackÓFortunately for the loyal “Beasties” as well as those who may not have discovered the show yet, Beauty and the Beast IS coming back — before the third season, six new episodes will be airing on The CW starting on Monday, June 2. At a recent CBS “summer soiree” event, we spoke with Austin Basis, who plays J.T. Forbes, about the show’s pick-up as well as what’s coming up.

“What’s amazing is that the fans set goals, and then they accomplish them against every known odd,” Basis said with appreciation. “I think part of it, too, other than the fans really mobilizing, [is that they were] doing everything they could in the two months that we weren’t on the air, to keep us in the conversation, and to petition Mark Pedowitz and the powers that be that there’s an audience. They raised $15,000 for Juvenile Diabetes as a way to show that ‘we will put our money where our mouths are’,” he said.

Basis does not yet know how many episodes are planned for Season 3. “I am not sure, exactly,” he admitted. “I keep hearing something like 13, but I also hear good things about the future… those episodes have to be written, produced, shot, aired, and we’ll see what happens. It’s a competitive market, TV; so the fact that we have a fan base and we’re going into Season 3, and the episodes are always getting better, I think only good things could come, and hopefully more into the future.”

Before getting into Season 3, however, fans have these six episodes in the summer to look forward to. “I think the next six episodes that we have left of Season 2, I’m pretty sure the network saw [them] and they could see that this show has a future, and that there are some good episodes in the can right now,” he said. And what can fans look forward to in those episodes? “While dealing with what we’re dealing with in Season 2, as a whole, the episodes are a throwback to the episodes of Season 1, where it’s Vincent and Catherine against the world, and then J.T. and Tess, and Gabe, too, ’cause he’s part of the Scooby Gang… it’s a real old-school kind of coming together for a single cause — saving Vincent, getting him out of jail, and trying to find out who is responsible, and putting them to the test, making sure that they pay for what they’ve done,” he revealed.

Sounds like the combination the “Beasties” have been waiting for!

Beauty and the Beast returns Monday, June 2 on the CW. See some preview images here!


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