Beauty And The Beast: Austin Basis Talks About Vincent’s “Coming Out” Beauty And The Beast: Austin Basis Talks About Vincent’s “Coming Out”
Interview with Austin Basis of The CW's Beauty and the Beast Beauty And The Beast: Austin Basis Talks About Vincent’s “Coming Out”

On the new episode of Beauty And The Beast scheduled to air tonight at 9PM (ET) on The CW, Vincent Keller reveals himself to the world!

Who Am I?This decision will send ripples through the lives of everyone on the show, and aside from Kristin Kreuk’s Catherine, no other might be affected as much as Vincent’s best friend, J.T. Forbes, who is played on the series by Austin Basis.

We spoke with Mr. Basis this morning for an extended interview about his role as the loyal J.T.; the entire interview should be posted in the coming days. But for those of you who just can’t wait: Here’s what Mr. Basis had to say about J.T.’s reaction to Vincent’s revelation:

Don't Die on Me“From what I know of tonight’s episode and the next two, I don’t think J.T. was on the side of him ‘coming out’,” Austin said, “but at this point, Vincent has kind of been living his own life, away from J.T., and making choices and not seeking J.T.’s counsel or advice, and so it’s a little frustrating for J.T.. One, because that’s part of what their friendship was, and what their relationship was, that has been absent; and also, J.T. is still picking up the pieces when Vincent gets into trouble.”

AB8Vincent may not be the only one who sees trouble from this new openness. “It also compromises J.T. because he is now connected to this person that was supposed to be dead for ten years and is alive, and so, it makes J.T. vulnerable, in my mind, so I don’t think J.T.’s on board with that,” Basis continued. “You don’t really get to necessarily see his disapproval of it, but I think he also is still in that mindset of that guilt driving him, and it’s ‘the world according to Vincent,’ and J.T. is just a part of it. And so, until J.T. could relieve himself of this secret and this guilt, he’s still going to feel obliged to being of service to Vincent, and not to himself.”

“It’s a lot of loyalty. Everyone has guilt from something in their lives, and to what end does each person go to either deny that guilt, overcome that guilt, make up for that guilt? I think that’s all part of it,” he said.

Beauty And The Beast is new TONIGHT (January 20) with “Ancestors” at 9PM on The CW.

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