Arrow: Stephen Amell Discusses Oliver’s Run For Mayor Arrow: Stephen Amell Discusses Oliver’s Run For Mayor
Interview with actor Stephen Amell of the CW TV series Arrow, talking about Oliver Queen's run for mayor Arrow: Stephen Amell Discusses Oliver’s Run For Mayor

Tonight (October 28) on a new episode of The CW’s Arrow, Oliver Queen tells his team that he’s running for Mayor of Star City to various reactions from the group.

While on set last week, actor Stephen Amell talked with us about Oliver’s choice and how people will take the news.

There’s a photo that exists for the episode where we see him behind a podium,” Amell says, teasing tonight’s show. “It’s actually very atypical for our show to announce something in an episode and then just sort of leave it dormant for an episode, which we did this week, because so many other things were going on, but it has been something that I’ve very much enjoyed. There are two aspects of Oliver’s character this year — actually, probably, three — I mean, he’s a different type of person out in the field. He’s a different type of person in the political arena. And then there’s the third storyline that we’re going to explore in the first third of the year, that’s also different. Being almost 80 episodes into a show, it’s exciting to play different things,” he explains.

He also likes this new version of his character. “I like Oliver the Politician, and I also like any time we can do something that weaves naturally into the canon of the Green Arrow character,” Amell enthuses.

So how does the team respond? “They’re slightly incredulous,” he admits. “Everyone has their various reactions, and once the team figures this out, Oliver actually says ‘I’ve gotta talk to Lance,’ to which Laurel responds – not to give too much away – ‘uhhh, maybe don’t bring that up with him.’ I’m just like, ‘well, we need the SCPD.’ So, it’s an Oliver Queen that has to work with people, and it’s exciting.”

You can watch video of our interview below, where Stephen talks about many other topics, including the “Olicity” engagement ring, the new sleeveless Green Arrow costume, the upcoming crossover, and more. Enjoy.

Arrow is new tonight at 8PM on The CW. You can find some photos here and if you’d like to talk about it with other fans, come by our forum!

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