Arrow: Paul Blackthorne On Sara Fallout & The Return of Angry Lance Arrow: Paul Blackthorne On Sara Fallout & The Return of Angry Lance
Interview with Paul Blackthorne of The CW's Arrow promoting the episode titled The Return Arrow: Paul Blackthorne On Sara Fallout & The Return of Angry Lance

AR311B_0031bEarlier in the series there were some fun interactions between Quentin with Felicity as his contact, and we haven’t had many lately. Could more be on the horizon?

Well, I’m more interested in Felicity’s mother! [laughs] The day that Lance sees Donna Smoak walking down the street, I think that’s going to affect his world slightly. And Felicity? Well, you know, she’s a part of this Arrow gang, isn’t she? So as Lance’s with the Arrow shifts, no doubt his relationship with his accomplices will shift too. So, we’ll see where that takes us.

AR305a_0020bYou mentioned Felicity’s mom. Is there a chance that they will actually meet sometime in the future?

Lance has been without love, let’s face it, for a long time. And I think the man could do with a little loving, and if there’s one woman that could provide that, it’s gotta be Mama Smoak, right? Charlotte Ross. Fantastic. Lance is hoping for the best on that one. He really is. It would be nice for him.

How do you think Quentin would react if he found out who Sara’s killer was?

I think he would be very upset. In some ways, it doesn’t really matter who it is.

It’s not going to help that it’s a member of the Queen family, is it? That wouldn’t help the Queen-Lance family relationship.

ArrowIs there anyone in particular that you haven’t gotten to work with lately that you’d like to work with more?

I’d have to say, David Ramsey is someone I’d love to work with more, but of course, our characters inhabit pretty different worlds. We did have a scene the other day, and we both have this habit that we make each other laugh, so maybe it’s better that we don’t have scenes together. I always thought that would be fun, to see more stuff with him. They are two very different characters to put in the same room together.

Of course, Felicity as well. It’s always great doing a scene with Emily; always much fun.

I had some interesting scenes recently – I crossed over on The Flash, so I got to enjoy some time with Joe West and Cisco. They come over to Starling City for a little help on a case, so myself and Detective West, we had a little bonding moment, with the two of them.

And then, the oddest couple that we’ve seen so far is Lance in the company of Mr. Ra’s al Ghul, soon to be seen in the same room together.

Are we going to seeing any more scenes between Lance and Nyssa (Katrina Law) by the season’s end?

I believe we will, yes. She always sort of pops up, doesn’t she? Very expertly so, as well. So, yeah. I do hope so. Katrina’s great to have around.

AR301b_0012bcWhat else is coming up for Quentin that you’re allowed to talk about?

I mentioned The Flash, and then obviously, there’s this huge shift in his relationship now, with Laurel and The Arrow, so there’s definitely going to be repercussions from that, which swings them into unknown territory. I’m looking forward to that. It’ll be interesting to see how that develops.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about “The Return?”

I hope my wig doesn’t steal the show, and I do hope you enjoy the episode. There’s more Lance family history, so enjoy that, and watch out for Colin Donnell, who was marvelous to have around!

Arrow “The Return” airs TONIGHT (February 18) at 8PM ET/PT on The CW. Take a look at some official promo images from the episode here!

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