Almost Human Interview: Michael Ealy Introduces Dorian Almost Human Interview: Michael Ealy Introduces Dorian
Interview with Michael Ealy from the upcoming FOX television series Almost Human Almost Human Interview: Michael Ealy Introduces Dorian

John Kennex (Karl Urban), the main character of FOX’s upcoming series Almost Human, does not like the synthetic humans that police are partnered with in the future of the series. Yet, when an older model android named Dorian (Michael Ealy) enters the picture, things may start to change, and, bam, there’s your TV show.

Almost Human, from some of the minds behind Fringe, is currently scheduled to premiere on Monday, November 4. Here is a trailer for the show:

Human.3At this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego, we talked to Michael Ealy (Dorian) in an interview roundtable, and video from the interview can be found below. Within, you’ll see Ealy talking about Dorian and how he relates to his world, especially in situations involving his new cop partner John Kennex.

“I think in the pilot, there’s a glimpse of how Dorian is able to kind of show Kennex there’s possibly another way; that maybe we’re not all the same,” Ealy says about that character relationship. “I think we’re going to spend most of the first season trying to create some sort of relationship between these two guys that goes beyond just a working relationship, and I think for Dorian, who is eager to try and prove himself, especially this being his second chance, I think it’s going to be pretty compelling to watch, whether or not it works,” he continues.

Ealy tells us that his approach to playing Dorian was more as “a human with robot tendencies.” I found that that worked out better for me, as opposed to a robot first. Joel [Wyman] was very clear to me from beginning that Dorian is more human than certain humans, and so that makes it all the more fun to play,” he says. As the series progresses, many things are possible for Dorian, including a love interest. “I think it’s interesting to see how it all evolves,” he says.

One thing is absolutely a guarantee for Dorian, however — his desire to be human is very strong.  It’s very, very strong, and in certain situations it could be perceived as possibly annoying, over-eager… but I also think there’s a certain amount of beauty in that. I like to refer to him as a reflection of the humanity that we all take for granted,” Ealy says.

You can see the video interview below.


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