About A Boy: Jason Katims & David Walton Talk “About A Buble” About A Boy: Jason Katims & David Walton Talk “About A Buble”
Interview with Jason Katims and David Walton about Adrianne Palicki's guest role on About A Boy About A Boy: Jason Katims & David Walton Talk “About A Buble”

Friday Night Lights star and one time Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki joins the cast of NBC’s About A Boy tonight for the first episode in a multi-episode arc as Sam, a new love interest for Will whose first impressions of him might include a few fibs. The episode reunites Palicki with Jason Katims, the head writer of FNL who is now the guiding force behind Parenthood and About A Boy.

About a Boy - Season 1A few weeks ago, we spoke with Katims and actor David Walton (Will) about this new addition.

“I thought this particular role of Sam, we really needed somebody to sort of come in and do that role and be the one for Will. We’ve made so much of this guy who was this bachelor who doesn’t see himself — he’s not in the mind of ‘I want to find somebody.’ So somebody had to sort of come in and be that person to him, and when we were thinking about different actresses, I thought of Annie because she has this quality to her that’s so special, and we were excited about the idea of working with her [again],” Katims said about the casting of Palicki as Sam.

About a Boy - Season 1Walton is quite aware that he has been very lucky with his TV romances. “I, for some reason, always play these characters that date people way out of my range,” David laughed. “I’m way over my skis with these very beautiful women. It’s really fun. I just had heard she was a very sweet and nice person, and grounded, and that, to me, is the most important. It’s a little perk of the thing. But also, people always ask me ‘what’s it like to kiss somebody?’ and it’s just weird. There’s a camera right here, and Jason [Katims] is like [right there].”

As About A Boy has done well for NBC, and creatively it seems to be popping, might we be hearing news about a second season soon?

“We love doing the show,” Katims said. “The cast has been so wonderful to work with, the atmosphere on set is great, the writers are fantastic, so we love doing it. The process is so great – [but] obviously, it’s not up to us. We’re going to be finished in a few weeks; we wish we could stay and do more. I do feel like it’s the kind of show that can sustain, definitely, a full season. We did 13 this year because it was a midseason [show] and we sort of ran out of air dates. Obviously, it’s up to the network, but we would definitely be up for doing more episodes.”

About A Boy “About A Buble” airs tonight (April 1) at 9PM on NBC.


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