Incorporated Photos: “Burning Platform”/”Golden Parachute” Incorporated Photos: “Burning Platform”/”Golden Parachute”
On the double episode season finale of Incorporated, Elizabeth and Julian put their plan against Inazagi into motion, while Ben deals with his most... Incorporated Photos: “Burning Platform”/”Golden Parachute”

Ben put himself in an interesting position by shutting off the part of his brain that contained his Aaron memories and giving Reed control of when he got them back. Ever since he started this journey toward rescuing Elena from Arcadia, he’s been very careful so as to not leave himself vulnerable to anyone at any time about anything; he’s emotionally distant from Laura out of love for Elena and fear of becoming too close, while he eschews a personal life to embrace his role at SPIGA and make himself look like the perfect material for promotion. Having that type of guard up has served Ben well during his time in this identity, getting himself to within feet of achieving his goal, but once he murdered Roger, he gave up the anonymity he so greatly enjoyed. Instead of continuing to fly under the radar at SPIGA, Ben made himself a prime suspect to Julian for what happened to Chad and Roger while also setting himself up to solve the very murder he committed.

On the double episode season finale of Incorporated, Ben is left reeling when he realizes that he’s the one behind Roger’s death, which is something that had been compartmentalized into the Aaron section of his memory as it happened while Ben didn’t have his Ben facade up. Normally so calculated and shrewd, he didn’t account for this when scrambling to wipe his memory ahead of the interrogation, so combine his good nature with this lack of self-preservation and Ben not only has to grapple (for the second time) with the fact that he killed someone, he has to figure out what to do to protect himself. This time, though, it’s much more difficult to slip past Julian because of how close they’re working, the ambition Ben showed in helping the investigation, and Ben’s technical know how; he can’t just feign ignorance or try to fade into the background at SPIGA, not after coming up on Julian’s radar already. It was easier to hide when no one knew to look for him and he had Aaron’s survival streak to keep himself safe, so until Reed can implant the Aaron back into Ben and reboot his consciousness, Ben will have to improvise and hope that he can make it out of this alive.

Elsewhere on Incorporated, Theo ventures inside the wall as a result of his most recent victory, while Elizabeth and Julian attempt to help Sanjay defect from Inazagi and Laura deals with difficulties at the clinic.

The double episode season finale of Incorporated airs Wednesday at 10:00 on Syfy.

What will Ben’s next move be now that he knows he killed Roger? How far will Theo travel down the rabbit hole now that he’s become addicted to PEDs? If Elizabeth and Julian succeed in getting Sanjay to defect, when will Inazagi exact its revenge?


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INCORPORATED -- "Burning Platform" Episode 109 -- Pictured: Allison Miller as Laura Larson -- (Photo by: Ben Mark Holzberg/Syfy)


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