Incorporated Photos: “Executables” Incorporated Photos: “Executables”
On the next episode of Incorporated, Ben races to finish the Everclear device, while Laura gets to work in the Red Zone and Theo... Incorporated Photos: “Executables”

Ben leveraged his way into the SPIGA family in order to rescue Elena from a life at Arcadia and make up for his perceived role in the demise of her family’s restaurant. At the time, it seemed like an absolute no brainer, as he would do anything to keep someone he cares so much about from having to live a life of danger and debasement. It helped that he had nothing to lose by infiltrating the corporation, given that his life consisted of petty crime meant to keep himself and those he loved afloat, so there was nothing holding him back from fully stripping himself of his Aaron identity and concocting this Benjamin Larson Trojan Horse. But while things have mostly gone to plan thus far, with Ben coming feet from Elena at the hotel, Roger’s death threatens to unravel everything.

On the next episode of Incorporated, SPIGA is on high alert once they realize that Roger has disappeared. This is the second employee they’ve lost in a short amount of time and just like with Chad, there’re plenty of lingering doubts as to what actually happened that cannot be ignored. There’s too much at stake for the company to go forward with someone dismantling them from the inside, thereby putting Ben in his tightest position yet. Though he’s done a fine job of redirecting suspicion whenever it’s fallen his way, SPIGA’s reach is vast and might nullify the benefit of time he received from how Roger was disposed of. In order to slip away from Julian’s grasp once again, Ben is going to have to find another mark to take the fall while using his upcoming Everclear deadline to his advantage. But as smart as Ben has shown himself to be, can he cover his bases such that a multi-national corporation like SPIGA won’t begin to suspect his involvement in what happened with Chad and Roger?

Elsewhere on Incorporated, Laura finds herself working to save a little girl in the middle of the Red Zone, while Theo faces his greatest challenge in the ring.

Incorporated airs Wednesdays at 10:00 on Syfy.

Will Ben be able to keep the heat off his back when SPIGA figures out Roger is gone? Can Laura conquer her trauma while saving those without proper healthcare access? How much would a victory against a well-trained opponent from uptown help Theo’s ring reputation?


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INCORPORATED -- "Executables" Episode 107 -- Pictured: (l-r) Rachael Crawford as Alicia Morse, Dennis Haysbert as Julian -- (Photo by: Ben Mark Holzberg/Syfy)


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