Incorporated Photos and Sneak Peek: “Human Resources” Incorporated Photos and Sneak Peek: “Human Resources”
On the next episode of Incorporated, an Inazagi executive offers to divulge company secrets to SPIGA, while Laura responds to a crippling betrayal. Incorporated Photos and Sneak Peek: “Human Resources”

In 2074, those in the Green Zone will do anything they can to keep their position. The dilapidated, dangerous Red Zone is not the most inviting of places, least of all to those who A) help subjugate them and B) have never lived in squalor, so anyone living under the corporate umbrella must be willing to set their morals to the side in order to avoid falling through the cracks. Any and everyone is replaceable, with no one person greater than the corporation they serve; therefore, when you get the opportunity to pounce on an opponent and prove your worth, you must take it or risk becoming the victim yourself. But what happens when a chance to deal a blow to a rival looks too good to be true?

On the next episode of Incorporated, an Inazagi executive comes to SPIGA willing to divulge valuable secrets that can give the latter the momentum they desperately need after Jakarta and the recent security breach. They cannot afford to look weak to investors, so any bit of advantage they can get over Inazagi can help turn the tide and keep them afloat long enough to mount a comeback. Yet even with Ben, Elizabeth, and Julian planning a defection, there’s the chance that this executive is nothing more than a decoy meant to steer SPIGA in the wrong direction. Inazagi knows how badly SPIGA is hobbling right now and that if they can land one more big blow against their sworn rivals, they might be able to cripple the corporation beyond repair. Are the SPIGA executives willing to take the risk and hope that the information they’re getting is legitimate?¬†How much are Ben, Elizabeth, and Julian willing to wager that the executive is actually telling the truth?

Elsewhere on Incorporated, Laura responds to a crippling betrayal, while Aaron and Elena meet again in the past.

Incorporated airs Wednesdays at 10:00 on Syfy.

Could the Inazagi executive be setting SPIGA up for a massive downfall? Will the betrayal Laura is forced to deal with have to do with Ben? Where do you think Aaron and Elena will find each other again?


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INCORPORATED -- "Human Resources" Episode 103 -- Pictured: (l-r) Denyse Tontz as Elena, Sean Teale as Ben Larson -- (Photo by: Ben Mark Holzberg/Syfy)


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