Incorporated Photos and Preview: “Operational Realignment” Incorporated Photos and Preview: “Operational Realignment”
On the next episode of Incorporated, Ben puts his backup plan into motion, while Laura defies company policy in order to save a cardiac... Incorporated Photos and Preview: “Operational Realignment”

Ben’s plan to extract Elena from Arcadia was going exceptionally well until Roger got clued into his deception. Having a corporate climber like that learn a competitor’s weakness was blood in the water, so given Roger’s insecurity related to his successful father and the cutthroat climate created by corporations like SPIGA and Inazagi, it wasn’t a surprise that he did everything he could to find out who exactly Ben Larson was and, more importantly, what motivates him. But that overzealousness proved Roger’s downfall, as Ben couldn’t let someone like that go freely with this type of weaponry to use against him; he had come too far and done too much to allow his plan to be driven into a ditch, so Ben did what he had to and took Roger out. But Roger’s death coming on the heels of Chad’s contract being broken has Ben squarely in Julian’s crosshairs.

On the next episode of Incorporated, Ben is faced with the possibility of saying goodbye to Aaron because of SPIGA’s order for everyone to be questioned using Everclear. The entire point of Ben’s plan was that he could ditch the Ben Larson persona once and for all and live his truth as Aaron with Elena away from SPIGA’s clutches. Having to eradicate that aspect of him, the identity that motivated him to put this plan into motion in the first place, would negate everything he’s done up until this point and be especially painful considering how close in proximity he’s gotten to Elena on multiple occasions. But with the clock ticking before he’s called into speak with the executives, Ben might not have the time necessary to find the flaw in Everclear that could allow him to hide his involvement in Roger’s death; he can’t only use representational images, given that he was an active participant in killing Roger, and the compressed timeline for finishing Everclear didn’t give him enough time to prepare for a situation like this. If Ben can’t figure out how to hide his thoughts before being questioned, how will he be able to hang on to the Aaron part of himself?

Elsewhere on Incorporated, Laura attempts to save a cardiac patient despite company policy, while Julian uses his proximity to Ben during a murder investigation to suss out whether his gut feeling about the demise of Chad and Roger is accurate.

Incorporated airs Wednesdays at 10:00 on Syfy.

Will Ben have to go ahead with destroying Aaron in order to protect himself from Julian? How will Ben dealing with the possibility of being caught impact his plans to rescue Elena? Could Laura’s conflict with SPIGA result in her fully embracing the Red Zone clinic?


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INCORPORATED -- "Operational Realignment" Episode 108 -- Pictured: Dennis Haysbert as Juilian -- (Photo by: Ben Mark Holzberg/Syfy)


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