Humans Season 3 Sneak Peek: “Episode 3” Humans Season 3 Sneak Peek: “Episode 3”
On the next episode of Humans, Laura digs for the truth on Operation Basswood, while Niska receives a mysterious message and Mia makes a... Humans Season 3 Sneak Peek: “Episode 3”

When the synth sanctuary city was raided by authorities, Max and company knew they had to change their approach to human interactions. Trying to be friendly and show that the vast majority of their community is harmless wasn’t working out, not in the wake of the bombing and not with the lingering anger over Day Zero; neither would going on the offensive given the amount of technology and weaponry at human disposal. With a vulnerable group of synths looking to him to lead the way, Max must find a happy medium between open-armed embrace of humanity and kamikaze destruction of any and all things human, but what happens when his next major decision doesn’t go over well with a sect of his community?

On the next episode of Humans, the group of refugee synths that informed Niska of the bomber’s whereabouts show up outside the gates looking for sanctuary. As much as Max might want to help every synth, he doesn’t know whether they’re telling the truth nor does he want to put the rest of his synths at risk knowing there are extremists out there looking to send a message. But this decision only serves to drive a wedge further between him and Agnes, who doesn’t understand why Max refuses to help synths looking for a place to stay. Already frustrated over how she was treated by Max during the raid, as well as the very presence of Mattie, Agnes might be reaching her boiling point with the community leader, but would she be willing to stage a coup and assume the leadership role herself? Or could she be better off simply striking out on her own?

Elsewhere on Humans, Laura presses forward looking for answers about Operation Basswood, while Mattie helps Leo adjust to being fully human, Joe finds his perspective on Karen and Sam changing, and Niska receives a cryptic message about the bombers she’s looking for.

Humans airs Tuesdays at 10:00 on AMC.


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