Humans Season 3 Sneak Peek: “Episode 5” Humans Season 3 Sneak Peek: “Episode 5”
On the next episode of Humans, Joe struggles to help Sam through recent events, while Max changes his plan of attack at the Railyard. Humans Season 3 Sneak Peek: “Episode 5”

Laura’s time on the Dryden Commission has been more than a little frustrating thus far. Though Dryden paid her lip service by promising that her spot on the panel was meant to keep things balanced and that her perspective would be heard, she’s often felt defeated by how outnumbered she was in her support of synths. This desperation, borne out of her deeply held belief that synths are good, forced her to plan the excursion to the Railyard in an attempt to humanize the newly conscious synths. If Dryden and his ilk could see who these beings are, how they operate, and the striking similarities they share with humanity, they might be willing to legislate protection for the synths and thus move society toward tolerance.

On the next episode of Humans, Laura and the rest of the Dryden Commission reconvene following their trip to the Railyard, with a vote coming down on a package of laws that could give synths a necessary win. Surprisingly for Laura, her Hail Mary pays off and Dryden votes to put into place a law that fines anyone convicted of violence against synthetics. It’s not the giant leap of progress that she might have wanted, but it’s certainly a start, even if just to help the synths begin assimilating back into society. There can be no real tolerance the longer the synths are forced into hiding and the more people who can see the majority of synths as the benevolent creatures they are, the better it’ll be for synth/human relations. But will all synths be satisfied with a baby step toward equality?

Elsewhere on Humans, a chance encounter Mattie has at school proves to not be so coincidental, while a new memory motivates Leo to re-explore his past, Sophie attempts to help Sam through a difficult time, and Mia uses an unexpected conversation with her neighbor to fuel her desire for acceptance.

Humans airs Tuesdays at 11:00 on AMC.


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