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Marvel TV Updates: AKA Jessica Jones, Hulk, Cloak & Dagger, Mockingbird & More

The Marvel TV panel is currently underway at Comic-Con, and Jeph Loeb has revealed some of Marvel’s TV plans.

The Hulk is still in development, as is AKA Jessica Jones. Loeb revealed that Jessica Jones will feature Luke Cage and Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) as supporting characters.

For the Hulk, Loeb says “this is a story that will focus on the early days of the Hulk, when people didn’t know about his terrible secret and enormous power.” Like Smallville, there will be a romantic element. “We’ll be focusing on the love story between Bruce Banner and Betty Ross, how the two are brought together and continuously torn apart by the monster within,” he says.

Cloak & Dagger is still in development for ABC Family and will take place in “post-Katrina New Orleans.”

The biggest and newest news to come was that Mockingbird is in development for ABC Family as well. In it, a freshman in college-aged science geek named Bobbi Morse gets recruited to a spy organization. Loeb describes it as “Alias meets Felicity.

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  1. no no no no noooooo

    seriously didnt they learn from “birds of prey” that female lead superhero series just dont go well, it leaves people thinking, i remember seein her or them with heroes i KNOW of, so you spend all seasons hoping to catch a glimpse of the real superheroes that made her or them popular in the first place.

    birds of prey had alfred which was nice, and even harley quinn, although the actress in the pilot was a 1000x better than whoever they replaced her with by the time they started making it and even REMADE the pilot…..

  2. Yeah, because no one ever watched the Lynda Carter “Wonder Woman” series. And, of course, that terrible Dr. Strange made-for-TV thing from 1978 or the aborted attempt at a Thor TV show that never got past the pilot certainly prove that no one wants to watch male leads.