VH1 Cancels Plans For Hindsight Season 2 VH1 Cancels Plans For Hindsight Season 2
VH1 has decided not to do Hindsight Season 2 after all. VH1 Cancels Plans For Hindsight Season 2

The best show you weren’t watching is now the best show that will never see another new episode.

The brilliant Hindsight, which saw a woman (Laura Ramsey) taken back in time to relive her life in the mid-1990s, was renewed for a second season, but now VH1 has decided that’s not a thing after all.

“Scripted series have been a successful part of VH1’s primetime line-up since 2010 and will continue to be in the future. We love Hindsight and couldn’t be more proud of the series. But in this overcrowded and rapidly changing climate, we need to carve out VH1’s distinct place in the scripted marketplace and deliver the biggest audiences possible for our series,” VH1 said in a statement. “As a result, we’re no longer moving forward with a second season of the show. We’re so appreciative of show creator Emily Fox, the cast, and the creative and production teams and look forward to working with them again.”

Meanwhile, we’re hoping the VH1 executives who made this decision find themselves in the year 2035, wondering “what if we had done Season 2 after all.” Sadly, we do not live in that world.

Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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