Hindsight 1.09 Sneak Peek: Can Becca Change Destiny? Hindsight 1.09 Sneak Peek: Can Becca Change Destiny?
On tonight's episode of Hindsight, Becca encourages Lolly to tell Kevin how she feels, but will this be enough to alter destiny? Hindsight 1.09 Sneak Peek: Can Becca Change Destiny?

hindsightAfter spending some time back in 1995, Becca has been reminded of just how much she loved Lolly, how important their friendship was to her, and how devastating their fallout was in the moment. In order to preserve their connection, she knows that she has to reject Kevin at all costs and give up what turned out to be a solid relationship, but Becca alone cannot change the future. As much of a control issue as she might have, and as much as she might want to take hold of her destiny, it’s going to take the other players in her life to help steer things in the way she wants.

On tonight’s episode of Hindsight, Becca attempts to get Lolly together with Kevin in hopes of changing the future. A major factor in Kevin falling for Becca was Lolly’s inability to voice her true feelings for him, so Becca’s plan hinges on Lolly being honest with her crush, thus altering the course their lives have already went down. It would open up an entirely new direction for things to go, a direction where Becca’s friendship with Lolly could conceivably survive into present day, but Becca has seen that the universe has its own plans for her. She’s tried to manipulate things in the past to no avail, so even if Lolly does summon up the courage to tell Kevin how she feels, there’s no guarantee that this will lead to a relationship or that the blowup in their friendship will be avoided. But if this doesn’t work out for Becca, if Lolly doesn’t confess her feelings or if Kevin has eyes on her already, will her spirit be broken, knowing that she can’t change the major milestones that she’s already experienced? Would she be able to live through the painful events of her life for a second time knowing that they’re coming and that she’s helpless to stop them?

Hindsight airs tonight at 10:00 on VH1. You can check out a recap of the most recent episode here.

Will Becca be able to save her friendship with Lolly? Does Lolly deserve the know the real reason she and Becca drifted apart? Should Becca tell Lolly the truth if she doesn’t confess her true feelings to Kevin?


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