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Glee “The Break Up” Image – Trouble For “Klaine?”

FOX has issued only one picture so far from the October 4 episode of Glee which is titled "The Break-Up," and the one picture they have released so far has Kurt looking... not too happy.

Could Kurt and Blaine be on the outs? Or is "the break-up" referring to another couple? Will and Emma, maybe? Rachel and Finn? Brittany and Santana? Lord Tubbington and his imaginary love?

We'll find out Thursday night. But for now, here's a picture of Chris Colfer as Kurt from the fourth episode of Glee Season 4. If more pictures are released, this gallery will be updated with more.

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GLEE: Kurt (Chris Colfer) is an intern at the Vogue.com offices in the "Break Up" episode of GLEE airing Thursday, Oct. 4 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jordin Althaus/FOX


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