2019 NCAA Tournament First Round Schedule 2019 NCAA Tournament First Round Schedule
KSiteTV has compiled the schedule for every first four play-in game and every first round matchup in the 2019 Men's NCAA Tournament. 2019 NCAA Tournament First Round Schedule

Perhaps the most exciting time of the sporting year is the NCAA tournament, when 68 basketball teams are placed in a four-quadrant bracket with the end goal of winning a national title. The bracket consists of every conference tournament champion as well as 30+ at-large teams who the selection committee deemed strong enough to enter the field. With the bracket released on Sunday and the first games already coming up tomorrow, we at KSiteTV decided to offer up the schedule for the first four play-in games and every first round matchup.

As with previous years, coverage is split across Turner cable networks TNT, TBS, and truTV, with CBS the lone broadcast network fielding games. The schedule is divided by network and the start time of every second game is determined by when the first finishes. 

Tuesday, March 19th – First Four
6:40 (16) Prairie View A&M vs. (16) Fairleigh Dickinson
After (11) Temple vs. (11) Belmont

Wednesday, March 20th – First Four
6:40 (16) NC Central vs. (16) North Dakota State
After (11) St. John’s vs. (11) Arizona State

Thursday, March 21st – First Round
12:15 (10) Minnesota vs. (7) Louisville
After (15) Bradley vs. (2) Michigan State
7:10 (15) Abilene Christian vs. (2) Kentucky
After (10) Seton Hall vs. (7) Wofford

12:40 (14) Yale vs. (3) LSU
After (11) Temple/Belmont vs. (6) Maryland
7:27 (16) Prairie View / Fairleigh vs. (1) Gonzaga
After (9) Baylor vs. (8) Syracuse

1:30 (12) New Mexico State vs. (5) Auburn
After (13) Northeastern vs. (4) Kansas
6:50 (10) Florida vs. (7) Nevada
After (15) Montana vs. (2) Michigan

2:00 (13) Vermont vs. (4) Florida State
After (12) Murray State vs. (5) Marquette
7:20  (11) Saint Mary’s vs. (6) Villanova
After (14) Old Dominion vs. (3) Purdue

Friday March 22nd – First Round
12:15 (10) Iowa vs. (7) Cincinnati
After (15) Colgate vs. (2) Tennessee
7:10 (16) NC Central / North Dakota St. vs. (1) Duke
After (9) UCF vs. (8) VCU

12:40 (9) Oklahoma vs. (8) Ole Miss
After  (16) Gardner-Webb vs. (1) Virginia
7:27  (12) Liberty vs. (5) Mississippi State
After (13) Saint Louis vs. (4) Virginia Tech

1:30 (14) Northern Kentucky vs. (3) Texas Tech
After (11) St. John’s / Arizona State vs. (6) Buffalo
6:50 (9) Washington vs. (8) Utah State
After (16) Iona vs. (1) North Carolina

2:00 (13) UC Irvine vs. (4) Kansas State
After (12) Oregon vs. (5) Wisconsin
7:20 (14) Georgia State vs. (3) Houston
After (11) Ohio State vs. (6) Iowa State

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