Could a Sliders Reboot be in the Works? Could a Sliders Reboot be in the Works?
Original series star Jerry O'Connell hints at a potential reboot of the 90s sci-fi series. Could a Sliders Reboot be in the Works?

It seems another 90s sci-fi series may be getting a reboot, though not necessarily one as high-profile as our most recent TV revivals.

Today, Yahoo! shared an interview with Jerry O’Connell about his breakout role in the late 90s sci-fi series Sliders, which originally aired on Fox and Sci-Fi Channel for five seasons. Most of the article is an enlightening walk through the behind-the-scenes drama that wrought the little sci-fi show, including numerous cast changes and massive tonal shifts.

However, the interview ends with O’Connell casually dropping a bomb, saying that original show creator Tracy Tormé contacted him and told him “We’re thinking about rebooting Sliders,” which O’Connell also expressed interest in returning to.

To be clear, this means it’s just an idea in the earliest stages. There would still need to be studio/network backing, and it remains to be seen if, even in our reboot-saturated landscape, anyone would want to bring back a show that never really made it into the pop culture consciousness in the way The X-Files and Twin Peaks did. But even so, the ratings success of The X-Files revival (despite lackluster critical reception), and even sequel shows like Fuller House and Girl Meets World means reboot attempts aren’t going to stop anytime soon.

It’s also worth noting that Sliders has gotten a minor resurgence of interest thanks to Netflix, and not to mention a surprisingly dedicated fanbase– even we on this very site have championed a remake of some sort. And with high-profile shows addressing the multiverse now, audiences are arguably more primed for headier parallel universe concepts than they might have been back then.

Again, this is nothing official — but it’s the closest to news Sliders fans have gotten in over 15 years. That it’s Tormé and O’Connell showing interest promises that a reboot would skew closer to the original vision of grounded, quirky social satire rather than the bombastic sci-fi trappings of the later seasons.

Would you like to see a Sliders reboot, or should its coffin not be disturbed? Sound off in the comments!

Derek B. Gayle

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