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Alcatraz & The Finder Canceled By FOX, Touch Renewed For Season 2

In a repeat of last year’s cancellation parade that took away some fan favorites like Human Target, it has been reported that Alcatraz and The Finder have both been cut by the FOX network lineup. They have, however, given an order for a second season of the Kiefer Sutherland starrer Touch.

Filling at least one of those timeslots will be a serial killer show tenatively titled The Following starring Kevin Bacon. It is created by Kevin Williamson (The Vampire Diaries) and the pilot is directed by TVD’s Marcos Siega.

FOX will be announcing their full Fall 2012 schedule next week.

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  1. I and my family liked Alcatraz…..so sad to see it cancelled. Please reconsider…thank you.

  2. Why why why cancel Alcatraz and renew Touch? touch is the biggest load of tripe I have seen on TV, Alcatraz should have a season 2

  3. Totally blows finder was cancelled! My family loved that show.

  4. I would like to lodge a complaint. The FINDER was one of the few shows my husband would watch. We loved it. They should wise up and bring it back.

  5. You have to be kidding me. you can not end the finder with that last episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I liked Alcatraz and it’s sad to see it go, but I will get over it; But the Finder that is amazing why would anyone cancel it, I would rather you cancel Prime Suspect, or if really necessary then Touch(Which is also pretty good). It’s bad enough NBC is canceling all their good comedies: 30 Rock, Parks&Rec, and Community. Maybe good TV altogether is getting cancelled.

  7. BOO to Fox! The Finder was one of the best shows on TV! I wish one of my other favorites, Bones, was on another network!

  8. I can’t believe that The Finder was canceled!!! It is one of my favorite shows, it is amazing please bring it back for another season!!!

  9. May I suggest NOT watching FOX programming? I’m so tired of getting into programs that are great like Alcatraz and the Finder only to have them cancelled. I’m going to start sticking with HBO and Showtime…

  10. thats Crap! Fox has no good shows anymore and whenever they actually get some good ones they cancel it. Alcatraz was a bit eh but it had a great oppourtunity to improve, and as for The Finder that was on of the best spinoffs ive ever watched and im extremely pissed they cancelled it. Its beyond me why they though Touch deserved a second season because in my opinion its extreeeemly boring.

  11. I never watched Alcatraz never sounded interesting to me but I’m glad Touch is getting renewed It’s a beautiful perspective of fate, and human connection. It’s a very emotional scifi/drama! Pissed that The Finder is getting cancelled at that point in the story its like reading half way through a book then burning it! can watch all the episodes on hulu along with bones and the finder! Bones has been getting on my nerves this season with all the “breaks”

  12. I’m pissed!!! Alcatraz got me hooked!! It was a WONDERFUL show and the producers are brilliant. I am soooo upset about the cancellation smh

  13. thats a joke, the Finder needs a season 2, you cant finish season one like that its meant to have a season 2!!!!!

  14. Bummer to find out that The Finder has been cancelled. I am so sick of show after show about killers and killing. The Finder was a great show….light hearted sometimes, serious sometimes. I loved it.

  15. SERIOUSLY?!?!?! Why cancel The Finder?!?!?!It has everything we people love!!! And why cacel the show after such a cliffhanger….. Are you guys stupid!!!!

  16. I loved watching Alcatraz on mondays. I am still waiting to see who will come back next, and how they will catch them. Plus what happened to the warden and all the other inmates? Will Rebecca come back if she is anything like her grandpa?

    How did they all vanish from alcatraz?

    All these questions will remain unanswered if you cancel the series.

    So please give it a second chance. Remew it so us the people can watch and find out.

    You have it where a small group got recaptured and the rest is still at large.

    You can’t leave it that way.

    You have the makings of a good series and it can go for a couple more seasons.

    So please renew it for another season.

  17. Bad News Fox!! The Finder was a very good show. You waste your time with all the other crap on TV and you cancel a well thought out show. Wake up!!!

  18. why would you cancel an amazing show like the finder and renew a crappy other show, reconsider would ya.

  19. So extremely upset that finder was cancelled. What’s worse is that the actor for Leo died today. If they do bring back finder it will never be the same…

  20. For those of you upset about finder…Actor for Leo died. I agree Alcatraz should have season 2 not Touched

  21. Please bring back Alcatraz, I’ve never even watched Touch. Myself and manyothers loveeeeeeddddd Alcatraz and must know what happens!!! Please reconsider!!!

  22. Me & my husband loved watching the Finder
    Please make a second season. If fox is so stupid not
    To air it maybe another net work will.
    What is happening. Get a grip and bring it back now

  23. I’m surprised that Fox have cancelled Alcatraz, me and my husband used to enjoy watching it, but too leave it where it ended not knowing how they were all taken and for what reason seems daft too me, please re-consider season 2 if only to tell the story, I live in the UK and am grumbling ;-(

  24. We call this an Epic Fail, cause Fox, you EPIC FAIL!