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A TV Series Set In Marvel’s Avengers World?

An interesting posting to come from Deadline.com today suggests that Disney-owned Marvel and ABC are considering doing a TV series set in the Avengers universe.

The article mentions that it “may not include characters from the Joss Whedon blockbuster” but that it would be set in the same world. One of the ideas suggested is a “high-concept cop show.” (Power Man and Iron Fist?)

The last big Marvel-ABC collaboration that was talked about was The Hulk, which is waiting for a new writer. Right now, the Avengers talk is a “kernel of an idea.” Time will tell if more information or progress comes through.

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  1. Well, you gotta wonder what S.H.E.I.L.D. does all day when it is not dealing with Superheroes and Supervillians.