DVD Review: Fuller House: The Complete Second Season DVD Review: Fuller House: The Complete Second Season
DVD review for Fuller House: The Complete Second Season set which is now available. DVD Review: Fuller House: The Complete Second Season

The perfect example of “guilty pleasure TV” has another season on DVD as of this Tuesday, December 12!

That’s when Warner Bros. Home Entertainment released Fuller House: The Complete Second Season, the Season 2 set for the update of the TV “classic” Full House. The set includes all 13 episodes from Season 2 and is out in time for the premiere of Season 3B on Netflix later this month! Here’s how the set is described:

In Fuller House: The Complete Second Season, there’s no place like home, as the Tanner-Fuller-Gibblers serve up a whole new set of hilarious adventures. D.J. finally decides between Matt and Steve. Kimmy’s ex-husband, Fernando moves into the Tanner house. Ramona thinks she’s ready for her first kiss. The entire Tanner family shows up to the house for Thanksgiving, pushing D.J.’s organizational skills to the extremes. Kimmy tries to get her childhood band Girl Talk back together again. Uncle Jesse and Becky consider making an addition to their family. A famous ‘90s boy band makes a guest appearance and much more! Fans won’t want to miss the latest antics of the Tanners in the complete second season, available for the first time on DVD!

So, how’s the set?

The Episodes: Since there’s not much else to get out of it, it’s the episodes that make this set worth buying. As mentioned, all 13 episodes from Season 2 are included, complete with throwbacks to the original Full House as well as some new faces. Steve (Scott Weinger) is now a series regular but doesn’t rate a spot in the opening credits, yet Fernando (Juan Pablo di Pace) is added in. We also finally met Kimmy’s brother Jimmy Gibbler (Adam Hagenbuch) who starts off as an Ashton Kutcher clone but becomes more likeable as it goes on.

This isn’t Veep or some pretentious Emmy Award winning show, but the series is almost consistently enjoyable, with the season finale in particular having some good emotional resonance. I will say, as much as I like di Pace and I like his character’s banter with little Max (Elias Harger), Fernando is a bit of an uncomfortable stereotype that might not have flown even in 1990, but I’ll go with it. The D.J.-C.J.-Matt-Steve quadrangle also drives a lot of story, and it’s silly, but so is this show. Andrea Barber continues to steal scenes as Kimmy Gibbler, as does Elias Harger as Max, and of course it’s great to see the Tanner sisters (minus Michelle) again. We may even see the dastardly Gia again, and Kimmy’s high school ex who sounds a lot like Robin from Teen Titans. And, of course, Jesse, Danny, Joey, and Becky come back from time to time.

The Extras: There’s nothing, which is a shame, since otherwise, all someone would need is a Netflix subscription to watch these episodes. DVD sets should allow for extra content. Interviews? Featurettes? Anything? Very disappointed in this, just as I was with the Season 1 set.

Box Art: The cover art is a weirdly Photoshopped cast shot with the characters oddly glowing while walking in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. Maybe it’s purposely awful? I don’t know, but this cover art doesn’t really “got it, dude.”

Is It Worth It? Always, if you want to have a fun show at your fingertips but don’t or can’t do streaming, this is great to have and enjoy. The series isn’t as family friendly as the original but I feel that most things that would go too far would fly right over kids’ heads. All in all, the series is reasonably priced and makes for a great holiday gift for your friend who’s stuck in the 90’s.

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Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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