Fringe: The Five-Year Journey Ends Tonight Fringe: The Five-Year Journey Ends Tonight
The final episode of Fringe airs tonight. Fringe: The Five-Year Journey Ends Tonight

With science, a lot of research evolves over time, as new things are discovered and new technologies can reveal more. Fringe as a television series was science fiction, but in many ways, it evolved as well. Starting as a bit of an X-Files type series, the show soon became about alternate worlds, going to the future and beyond.

Tonight (January 18) at 8PM ET, FOX will present the final episode of Fringe, concluding the story in two hours. It may be our last time seeing some of our favorite characters, though of course through DVD, they will live forever.

In covering Fringe for KSiteTV, I had the opportunity to visit the set of Fringe several times. Walter’s lab will, of course, forever be a favorite location for me. The cast was always warm and welcoming, especially John Noble, who is every bit as kind and awesome as you think he would be.

I am thankful that FOX and Warner Bros. Television stuck with Fringe in order to give it a proper series ending worthy of its very loyal fan base.

Here is a trailer for tonight’s finale. Once you’ve seen it, feel free to join us on the forum and talk about it. And, hey, Walter… try to get Astrid’s name right this time, okay?


Craig Byrne, Editor-In-Chief

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