Fringe Interview: John Noble Talks “A Short Story About Love” & BeyondFringe Interview: John Noble Talks “A Short Story About Love” & Beyond
KSiteTV speaks with John Noble about Fringe Season 4. Fringe Interview: John Noble Talks “A Short Story About Love” & Beyond

This weekend at WonderCon, we attended press roundtables with the cast and creators of the FOX sci-fi hit Fringe. This week the show returns with an episode titled “A Short Story About Love” – look for it on Friday, March 23 – and since the episode description was a bit vague, the best thing to do would be to see what “Walter” himself, John Noble, had to say about that episode.

“I like ‘A Short Story About Love’ because it deals with this strange concept of us being attracted to each other by sensory means, and that we’re attracted by pheromones to each other. It’s a kind of cool principle,” Noble explained. “This particular event is about somebody who uses this effect. Of course, Walter loves that. He loves smelling things, and creating smells, and digging around in bodies to try to find a reason why, and he does all of that. He’s up to his usual antics, loving it. Digging around for pheromones.”

Noble feels that, like with previous seasons, the second half of Season 4 is particularly strong. “Certainly these eight coming back, are some of the most powerful we’ve ever done. Really strong, different stuff. Different versions of the characters, different manifestations. I think I get to do Versions 10 and 11 of Walter. So there’s all sorts of challenges coming in there,” Noble enthused. He also teased that some old villains will be revisited. “Jeff [Pinkner]’s often said, this is a payoff to the fans who have been with us for a long time. You see these faces coming back. Like ‘oh my God! That was season 1!’ There’s payoffs all the way through. It’s indulgent, in that sense. We’re indulging ourselves and our fan base, which is so solid. Just playing this wonderful game, like a mind game.”

Before getting to the end, it is the season’s 19th episode that has inspired the most curiousity. What did John Noble have to tell us? “I can tell you that we have two major guest stars – Georgina Haig and Henry Ian Cusick, who worked with me, actually. The other actors had to rest. They were fantastic. I have not seen the cut episode, but I’m hearing that it’s one of our strongest. It’s sort of futuristic, like a dream state. And I get to play a couple more versions of Walter,” he teased.

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