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    Lexana Fake Baby?

    Will Clark ever find out about the fake baby from season 6? And why wasn't it discussed at all last season?

    That was a HUGE part of season 6 but we haven't heard anything about it since. Plus, who else knows about the fake baby aside from Lex, Lana and the doctors? It feels like Chloe might be hinting at it in this deleted scene from 'Cure':

    Anyone else think this should've been brought up between Clark and Lana last season?

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    I totally think it should have been addressed. Maybe between Lana and a therapist in the therapist's office. If Clark, Choe, or Lois found out they would either kill Lex or expose him for doing it. Neither of those things, although logical, fit in with the season 7 story arcs. Season 7 was already too busy to have done justice to that storyline.

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    Of course it should have been brought up.
    And it probably was in 'Offscreenville

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    Clark Kent's Romantic Barn Disco
    Clark = Goldfish

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    how did you get a season 7 deleted scene?

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    Is it the future Conner Kent you guys are refering to? Ordid you really think it was lex and lanas kid?
    KNOW THIS: It's most likely a clone of clark ade by some of his blood...

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    Alaska (and everyone else): Yes, it should have been addressed. There are many things that Smallville has overlooked and not brought up again, strictly for the fact that they only have 45 minutes of show time each Thursday night (per episode). We can't really blame them, since other plots have been just as interesting since Lana's "baby".

    While that deleted scene could suggest that Chloe was hinting to Clark about the pregnancy, I don't think it does. If Chloe knew, Clark would know. So would Lois. And if Clark knew, Lex would be in Clark's crosshairs. If Lois knew, you know she'd have something to say.

    I don't think Chloe knows about it. However, it's not too late for an old storyline to be resolved (I mean, the 'Fever' letter from six years ago is being brought up in Season 8). The pregnancy storyline was only two years ago.

    Jade: Everyone's got to love Offscreenville. It's my favorite non-existent show.

    Mon-El: Please clarify what you're stating, I'm a bit confused. We're talking about Lex faking Lana's pregnancy in Season 6 so she would marry him.
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    Well this is pre apocalypse Clark the BDA he didn't care about Lana's life with Lex as Bizarro pointed out before the Christmas break. He was just happy to get the object of his obsession back.

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    I may not be a Clana fan but the only reason Clark wanted to be with Lana was so he could have an excuse for not going for his training. He was in denial and that lead to the crumbling of the Fortress of Solitude on top of him, his greatest enemy discovering his secret, his cousin trapped in the PZ and his greatest alliey (lionel) dead.
    >sigh< guys and our love lives.

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    I'm still hoping the baby will be real after all. you never know....


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