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    Trend With Smallville's Season Finales

    I just was watching all of the season finales of Smallville...and noticed a trend with them. Not every season finale is explosive and suspenseful, and an irregular trend begins. Every second finale is great, as opposed to every SINGLE finale.

    Season 1 had a spectacular season finale with the tornado.

    >> [Clark's ship activated, stating to levitate] >> [Clark's secret lands in the hands of the reporter, hell-bent on exposing Clark as an alien] >> [Martha screaming for Jonathan as he heads out into the massive tornado to protect his son. >> [Tornado smashes windows of Lex's mansion] >> [Lionel injured severely] >> [Lex torn whether to save him or not] >> [Lana's car sucked into the tornado, with her in it] >> [Clark running and yelling out for her. ((In Conclusion: An exhilarating finale that had us us biting our nails, wondering what would happen next, several lives in peril & danger))

    Season 2 had a not-so-climactic finale.

    >> [Martha in hospital, lost the baby] >> [Lex's airplane crashes, leading us to believe he is dead. >> [Clark puts on the red K ring and departs Smallville on his bike.
    ((A good finale, but no so climactic in the final scenes of the finale))

    Season 3 had an AMAZING and explosive finale!

    >> [Lana leaves Smallville to go to Paris] >> [Lex and Clark's friendship hits the rocks] >> [Clark's supposed cousin Kara lures him to the caves, and Jor-El puts Jonathon in a coma] >> [Clark is kidnapped in a sense by Jor-El to be re-born] >> [Seems like Lex is poisoned] >> [Chloe steps into a building and it explodes, leading us to believe Chloe is dead] >> [The Kent Farm is on fire] >> [Lionel's true evil side is apparent as he sits smiling in the prison with the awesome opera music] >> [Clark is taken into another dimension by Jor-El as he is re-born into Ka-El] >> [Clark Kent doesn't exist anymore]
    ((An incredible end to a VERY strong season!))

    Season 4's finale was probably one of the best in the show's entire HISTORY!

    >> [Lana/Isobel kill Genevieve] >> [Isobel is history] >> [The three stones of element forge together into one powerful crystal that ultimately forms the FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE] >> [A second meteor shower HITS Smallville, creating destruction everywhere!] >> [Chloe figures out that Clark isn't an ordinary human being] >> [Jason kidnaps Martha & Jonathan and attempts to kill them] >> [Kent Farm is hit and appears to be destroyed by the massive fireball of meteors!] >> [Smallville high school appears to be history by the meteors] >> [Lana's helicopter crashes and burns in mid-air as the meteors hit it] >> [Clark is transported to the North Pole] >> [Lana discovers a space ship has fallen from the sky] >> [Something appears to come out of the space ship, as Lana is shocked!] >> [Clark throws the crystal and it flies in mid-air, as classic Superman music plays] ((All in all - the BEST finale, EVER, period))

    Season 5's finale was average and not so climactic.

    >> [Lex is turned into Zod, and Zod possesses Lex] >> [Clark releases Zod] >> [Metropolis is in chaos thanks to Zod's appearance on Earth] >> [Clark saves Chloe from a car speeding into the Daily Planet's window] >> [Chloe & Lionel are in the riot and cannot escape] >> [Zod is on the Luthorcorp tower and kisses Lana >> [Clark is in space and trapped in the Phantom Zone]
    ((All in all - Good episode, but not too climactic and suspenseful.))

    Season 6's finale was MAGNIFICENT.

    >> [Lana's car blows up and we are led to believe she has died] >> Lex's experiment goes horribly wrong, creating Bizzaro inadvertently] >> [Lois is stabbed in the dam] >> [Appears that Lois has died, then Chloe comes and saves her] >> [Chloe's meteor freak powers are revealed] >> [Chloe saves Lois with her healing powers] >> [Lois wakes up, and then finds Chloe passed out] >> [We are led to believe Chloe is dead] >> [At the dam, Clark battles Bizzaro, a dead ringer for his evil twin] >> [Bizzaro creates chaos at the dam] >> [Clark fights Bizzaro and gets clobbered by him] >> [Lionel accidentally gives more power to Bizzaro] >> [Bizzaro hits Lionel and he hits the walls] >> [Chunks of rock fall on Lionel, we are led to believe he has died as well] >> [Everyone in peril] >> [Bizzaro kicks Clark out of the dam as Clark is thrown strongly] >> [Bizzaro flies out of the dam as well and his face gets cracked]
    ((All in all - a VERY STRONG episode that was explosive on so many levels))

    Season 7's finale was good - but not too climactic. Didn't feel like a finale whatsoever.

    >> [Karaniac kills Edward Teague] >> [Revealed that Kara is actually Brainiac in disguise] >> [The real Kara is trapped in the Phantom Zone] >> [Brainiac puts Chloe in a coma-like state] >> [Clark defeats Brainiac, so it seems] >> [Lana appears to have left Smallville] >> [Lex learns Clark is the traveler and that he is an alien] >> [Lex activates the controlling device, as the Fortress collapses and falls onto Clark and Lex]
    ((A very nice episode, but one that certainly didn't feel like a season finale..not too many action-y scenes))

    When it all comes to pass, as you can see, not every single finale was great. BUT, every other second finale was good and memorable. S1, 3, 4, 6 were fantastic.. while the others lacked climactic scenes. This gets me to ponder if S8 will go all out and be a GREAT season finale (assuming S8 isn't the last season) .. sort of to re-pay us for Arctic not being so great. Perhaps they want to "WOW" us one more time before Smallville truly ends.. who knows..but those were just my observations that I came to grips with!
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    what are you serious ???
    oh yeah lex finding out clarks secret and destroying the FOS isnt climatic.
    what the hell !!!!!!
    arctic was probably one of the best episodes ever !!!!!!!!!
    it wasnt the best finale, but it was 2nd under commencement.

    arctic was climatic, there is no trend they were all great, and I cant beleive someone would think that vessel wasnt climatic either.
    the only one that wasnt climatic was exoduse, but that was still really good.
    arctic was some of smallvilles best hours ever. it was definetly better than covenant and vessel and phantom.

    And what I dont understand is how is bizarro punching clark and then flying off and his face goes "rocky" more climatic than lex finding out clarks secret and the FOS crumbling on top of them !!!!

    well ill tell you its not ! phantom has the 2nd least climatic ending (while a still very good episode) I cant see how people didnt like arctic.
    its the spoilers and expectations that ruin the episode.

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    Hmm, the S2 finale/S3 premiere was actually my favorite so far. I think some of it has to do with it actually being a 4 episode story. We kinda had an idea of something big happening with Calling leading into Exodus, and i think they did a great job with Exile and Pheonix as well.

    To me at least it seems like some finales are just kinda thrown in there and we don't really lead up to it in any way, and for season premieres I don't like when they wrap up everything from the finale in one episode.

    Wasn't a big fan of the S3 finale, but loved the S4 premiere

    S4 finale was amazing. All the others were just kinda OK for me


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