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    My Chronological episode guide for how to best watch Hercules: TLG, YH, and Xena

    [Made a small initial mistake in the thread title, meant to say "Hercules TLJ", not "TLG"]

    Those who've seen my Smallville episode guide and various Buffyverse guides oughta get a treat out of this, mainly if you're a fan of Robert Tapert's Hercules: The Legendary Journeys/Xena: Warrior Princess/Young Hercules franchise. Sad thing about this, the Hercules TLJ and Xena DVD sets are pretty limited in prints these days, while it's a wonder if Young Hercules will ever find a release of its own. Here's hoping those that could use this will put it to swell use, I worked pretty dang hard on getting a proper ordering system down, enjoy!

    This is from my own point of view of how I choose to view and watch the Hercules'verse (Young Hercules ' Hercules: The Legendary Journeys ' Xena: Warrior Princess).

    Young Hercules - Feature:
    Pilot-Feature: "Young Hercules"

    Season 1 (YH):
    "The Treasure of Zeus, Part 1"
    "Between Friends, Part 2"
    "What a Crockery, Part 3"
    "Girl Trouble"
    "Herc and Seek"
    "Teacher's Pests"
    "Inn Trouble"
    "Down and Out in Academy Hills"
    "Keeping Up with the Jasons"
    "Amazon Grace"
    "Cyrano de Hercules"
    "Battle Lines, Part 1"
    "Battle Lines, Part 2"
    "No Way Out"
    "Ares on Trial"
    "Winner Take All"
    "A Serpent's Tooth"
    "The Lure of the Lyre"
    "Lyre, Liar"
    "A Lady in Hades"
    "The Mysteries of Life"
    "Dad Always Liked Me Best"
    "Herc's Nemesis"
    "Cold Feet"
    "Mommy Dearests"
    "In Your Dreams"
    "Golden Bow"
    "Home for the Holidays"
    "Con Ares"
    "Get Jason"
    "My Fair Lilith"
    "Hind Sight"
    "Me, Myself and Eye"
    "The Head That Wears the Crown"
    "The Skeptic"
    "Iolaus Goes Stag"
    "Adventures in the Forbidden Zone"
    "The Prize"
    "The Beasts Beneath"
    "Parent's Day"
    "A Life for a Life"
    "Under Seige"
    "Ill Wind"
    "Valley of the Shadow"

    Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - Features:
    "Hercules and the Amazon Women"
    "Hercules and the Lost Kingdom"
    "Hercules and the Circle of Fire"
    "Hercules in the Underworld"
    "Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur"

    Season 1 (H LJ):
    "The Wrong Path"
    "Eye of the Beholder"
    "The Road to Calydon"
    "The Festival of Dionysus"
    "As Darkness Falls"
    "Pride Comes Before a Brawl"
    "The March to Freedom"
    "The Warrior Princess" ~ |Pre-Crossover|
    "The Vanishing Dead"
    "The Gauntlet" ~ |Pre-Crossover|
    "Unchained Heart" ~ |Pre-Crossover|

    Season 2 (H LJ)/Season 1 (X):
    X; "Sins of the Past"
    H; "The King of Thieves"
    H; "All that Glitters"
    X; "Chariots of War"
    H; "What's in a Name?"
    X; "Dreamworker"
    H; "The Siege at Naxos"
    X; "Cradle of Hope"
    H; "Outcast"
    X; "The Path Not Taken"
    H; "Under A Broken Sky"
    X; "The Reckoning"
    H; "The Mother of All Monsters"
    X; "The Titans"
    H; "The Other Side"
    H; "The Fire Down Below"
    X; "Prometheus" ~ |Crossover|
    H; "Cast A Giant Shadow"
    X; "Hooves and Harlots"
    X; "Death in Chains"
    H; "Highway to Hades"
    H; "The Sword of Veracity"
    X; "The Black Wolf"
    H; "The Enforcer"
    X; "Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts"
    H; "Once a Hero"
    H; "Heedless Hearts"
    H; "Let the Games Begin"
    X; "Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards"
    X; "A Fistfull of Dinars"
    X; "Warrior... Princess"
    X; "Mortal Beloved"
    H; "The Apple"
    X; "The Royal Couple of Thieves"
    H; "Promises"
    X; "The Prodigal"
    H; "King for a Day"
    H; "Protean Challenge"
    X; "Altared States"
    H; "The Wedding of Alcmene"
    X; "Ties That Bind"
    H; "The Power"
    X; "The Greater Good"
    H; "Centaur Mentor Journey"
    X; "Callisto"
    X; "Death Mask"
    H; "Cave of Echoes"
    X; "Is There a Doctor in the House?"

    Season 3 (H LJ)/Season 2 (X):
    X; "Orphan of War"
    X; "Remember Nothing"
    H; "Mercenary"
    H; "Doomsday"
    H; "Love Takes a Holiday"
    X; "The Giant Killer"
    X; "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
    H; "Mummy Dearest"
    X; "The Return of Callisto"
    X; "Warrior... Princess... Tramp"
    H; "Monster Child in the Promised Land"
    X; "Intimate Stranger"
    X; "Ten Little Warlords"
    H; "The Green-Eyed Monster"
    H; "Not Fade Away"
    H; "Prince Hercules"
    H; "A Star to Guide Them"
    X; "A Solstice Carol"
    H; "The Lady and the Dragon"
    X; "Here She Comes... Miss Amphipolis"
    H; "Long Live the King"
    X; "Destiny"
    X; "The Quest" ~ |Crossover|
    H; "Surprise"
    X; "A Necessary Evil"
    H; "Encounter"
    H; "When a Man Loves a Woman"
    H; "Judgment Day" ~ |Crossover|
    X; "A Day in the Life"
    H; "The Lost City"
    X; "For Him the Bell Tolls"
    X; "The Execution"
    H; "Reign of Terror"
    X; "Blind Faith"
    H; "The End of the Beginning"
    H; "War Bride"
    X; "The Price"
    H; "A Rock and a Hard Place"
    X; "Ulysses"
    X; "Lost Mariner"
    X; "A Comedy of Eros"
    H; "Atlantis"
    H; "Les Contemptibles"
    X; "The Xena Scrolls"

    Season 4 (H LJ)/Season 3 (X) -- Portion 'A':
    H; "Beanstalks and Bad Eggs"
    X; "The Furies"
    H; "Hero's Heart"
    X; "Been There, Done That"
    H; "Regrets... I've Had a Few"
    H; "Web of Desire"
    X; "The Deliverer"
    X; "Gabrielle's Hope"
    H; "Stranger in a Strange World" ~ |Crossover|
    X; "The Dirty Half Dozen"
    H; "Two Men and a Baby"
    X; "The Debt, Part 1"
    X; "The Debt, Part 2"
    H; "Prodigal Sister"
    H; "...and Fancy Tree"
    X; "The King of Assassins"

    Hercules: The Legendary Journeys & Xena: Warrior Princess - Feature:
    "Hercules and Xena - The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus" ~ |Dual-Crossover|

    Season 4 (H LJ)/Season 3 (X) -- Portion 'B':
    H; "If I Had a Hammer"
    X; "Warrior... Priestess... Tramp"
    H; "Hercules on Trial"
    X; "The Quill Is Mightier..."
    H; "Medea Culpa"
    H; "Men in Pink"
    X; "Maternal Instincts"
    X; "The Bitter Suite"
    H; "Armageddon Now, Part 1"
    H; "Armageddon Now, Part 2" ~ |Crossover|
    X; "Forgiven"
    X; "One Against an Army"
    X; "King Con"
    X; "When in Rome"
    X; "Forget Me Not"
    H; "Porkules"
    H; "One Fowl Day"
    H; "My Fair Cupcake"
    X; "Fins, Femmes and Gems"
    H; "War Wounds"
    X; "Tsunami"
    X; "Vanishing Act"
    H; "Twilight"
    H; "Top God"
    H; "Reunions"
    X; "Sacrifice, Part 1"
    X; "Sacrifice, Part 2"

    "H LJ" Season 4 Non-Canon, Parodic Episode; "Yes, Virginia, There Is a Hercules"
    "H LJ" Season 5 Non-Canon, Parodic Episode; "For Those of You Just Joining Us"

    Season 5 (H LJ)/Season 4 (X):
    X; "Adventures in the Sin Trade, Part 1"
    X; "Adventures in the Sin Trade, Part 2"
    X; "A Family Affair"
    H; "Faith"
    H; "Descent"
    H; "Resurrection"
    H; "Genies and Grecians and Geeks, Oh My"
    X; "In Sickness and in Hell"
    H; "Render unto Caeser"
    X; "A Good Day"
    H; "Norse by Norsevest"
    H; "Somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge"
    X; "A Tale of Two Muses"
    X; "Locked up and Tied Down"
    H; "Darkness Rising"
    X; "Crusader"
    X; "Past Imperfect"
    H; "Let There Be Light"
    H; "Redemption"
    X; "The Key to the Kingdom"
    X; "Daughter of Pomira"
    H; "Sky High"
    X; "If the Shoe Fits"
    H; "Stranger and Stranger"
    X; "Paradise Found"
    H; "Just Passing Through"
    X; "Devi"
    X; "Between the Lines"
    X; "The Way"
    H; "Greece Is Burning"
    H; "We'll Always Have Cyprus"
    H; "The Academy"
    H; "Love on the Rocks"
    X; "The Play's the Thing"
    X; "The Convert"
    H; "Once Upon a Future King"
    X; "Takes One to Know One"
    H; "Fade Out"
    H; "My Best Girl's Wedding"
    X; "Déjà Vu All Over Again"
    H; "Revelations"
    X; "Endgame"
    X; "The Ides of March"

    Season 6 (H LJ)/Season 5 (X) -- Portion 'A':
    X; "Fallen Angel"
    X; "Chakram"
    H; "Be Deviled"
    H; "Love, Amazon Style"
    H; "Rebel with a Cause"
    X; "Succession"
    H; "Darkness Visible"
    X; "Animal Attraction"
    H; "Hercules, Tramps, and Thieves"
    X; "Them Bones, Them Bones"
    X; "Purity"
    X; "Back in the Bottle"
    X; "Little Problems"
    H; "City of the Dead"
    H; "A Wicked Good Time"
    H; "Full Circle"

    Season 5 (X) -- Portion 'B':
    "Seeds of Faith"
    "Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire"
    "Punch Lines"
    "God Fearing Child" ~ |Post-Crossover|
    "Eternal Bonds"
    "Married with Fishsticks"
    "Amphipolis under Siege"
    "Kindred Spirits"
    "Antony and Cleopatra"
    "Looking Death in the Eye"

    Season 6 (X):
    "Coming Home"
    "The Haunting of Amphipolis"
    "Heart of Darkness"
    "Who's Gurkhan?"
    "The Abyss"
    "The Rheingold"
    "The Ring"
    "Return of the Valkyrie"
    "Old Ares had a Farm"
    "Dangerous Prey"
    "The God You Know"
    "You Are There"
    "Path of Vengeance"
    "To Helicon and Back"
    "The Last of the Centaurs"
    "When Fates Collide"
    "Many Happy Returns"
    "Send in the Clones"
    "Soul Possession"
    "A Friend in Need, Part 1"
    "A Friend in Need, Part 2"
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    Wow. You've put alot of thought into this.....


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