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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleidich View Post
    Yes, KK is a beauty but her lana lang is the worst of the history!
    I dont think it... 10 years "making" the character is a lot of time!

    Annette O Tool was a good LL but doesnt have 10 years of experience making his paper!

    Sorry for my terrible english!

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    I'm fine with her.

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    My true feelings about Lana

    Lana has her moments. I donít hate her, but I donít like her. I just donít find her appealing she is mostly very exasperating most of the time in terms of attitude and behavior regarding secrets, lies, honesty and trust. Yes I strongly agree that she hates secrets and she hates being lied to, but at the same time she does throw around this ďI can keep secrets and I can tell lies, but you canítĒ self righteousness crap. Lana demands the truth, but she doesn't tell the truth and she throws it all back in Clark's face along with demanding trust without earning it. And is emotionally all over the place and doesnít seem to be strong enough to handle herself in situations that she gets herself into without thinking things through first, let alone be in control of herself and be in control of her life and her emotions. Lana has a tendency to let her emotions cloud her judgment and keeps making mistakes and doesnít learn from them. She doesnít listen. She always jumps to the wrong conclusions because she doesnít know everything thatís going on around her. Every time she is called out on this secrets and lies and honesty crap by people she gets so damn pissy. Her reasons for her ***** like attitude about secrets and lies and her hypocritical behavior regarding honesty and trust has no justification whatsoever, maybe she does have justification, maybe she doesnít I donít know for sure. I do know that Lana does not hold herself up to those same standards that she holds Clark and Lex to (mostly Clark) in terms of honesty and trust.

    Lana is too damn insecure, pushy, selfish, judgmental, self absorbed and privy who talks her relationships to death. Sheís all talk and not enough action. She doesnít create the relationship or the safe space for the guy, she just creates drama for the guy and women creating drama is the one of those things that makes guys feel unsafe. Some women get men, others donít. Lana is a typical woman and is one of the other women who donít get men at all and says & does all the wrong things with guys and I would know that because most women are like that with guys in real life too according to my men, dating and relationships research and I donít know why women are like that with guys. I find women very emotionally confusing and Iím a woman so I think I know how men feel when it comes to women in general, itís all about shifting perspectives, reframing your beliefs, seeing things from a manís point of view and putting yourself in the manís position & disposition sorta of thing. Anyway back to Lana. Lana gives out so many mixed signals that she can scramble a radar itís not just Clark who does that too. Sheís too obsessed with secrets and lies, and sheís always about herself all the time which I find pretty selfish of her.

    I liked her in Season 1 though. I respected Lana in season 1. Itís just from season 2 all the way up to season 7 that Iíve lost all respect for her as a character, because the damn writers are such ****ing Lana worshippers who lacks accuracy in their writing of their characters because they have no respect for the characters that they write.

    Itís very difficult to like a character who has no personality, who flip flops more than any other character on the show and has no sense of loyalty, respect or gratitude for the main character who is the one person who is responsible of carrying the whole show and calling all the shots because itís his show taken from his perspective. The show is about Clark Kent, not Lana Lang. who is very inconsistent and unattainable who doesnít let anyone have their secrets and invades their privacy for no real reason. And doesnít know how to mind her own damn business and keep out of things that donít concern her or have anything to do with her at all.
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    I liked Lana alot in later seasons when she was more then just girl next door/clarks crush. Her character was developed into something very interesting imo.

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    Not really. She was a superficial and judgemental character. She was there to serve as a potential love interest for Clark and as the occational damsel in distress (an archetype I feel was already dated in 2001). Her storylines typically revolved around what guy she happened to be dating at the time. Not that I'm opposed to a little romance on shows, but it's a bit ridiculous that we've got Clark, Lex and Lana. The story of the first two revolve around them developing into the men they will become, then we cut to Lana being involved in another doomed romance, that few care about. The big question is if they (the writers) ever talked about what Lana's destiny will be (and I'm not talking about season 8)? Something they could've built towards. I mean... Clark grows up to become Superman and a reporter for the Daily Planet. Lex grows up to become his archnemesis. Lois becomes a star reporter for the Daily Planet. What were they planning for Lana to become? I'm not saying you have to have everything set in stone from day one, but it may be a good idea to have some general idea of, at the start of the series, "okay, here's where she is at the start of the series and by the end, we want her to have moved over here".

    Then there's how the show presented her. In her first appearance, we're shown her going to her parents grave (at night) and reveals to have pretend conversations with them. She wears a necklace, made out of the meteorite that killed them. In "Acelerate", we're told that Lana cries in her sleep. After she and Clark break up in season 5, she starts taking a limbo drug. The biggest problem with these things is that none of them are properly dealt with. Instead, we're shown a girl, who obviously has got a lot of psychological problems, but they're never addressed as problems that needs to be dealt with. Maybe the drug bit, but no one addressed the fact that she started taking a drug, simply because a boy broke up with her. It's a symtom of a bigger problem, that she needs to work on. She needs to be brought to a psychiatrist, to work through her issues. Instead, they're allowed to remain, until her penultimate episode, when she goes and engages in self-harm to "make herself stronger".

    Then there's her personality in general. She tells Clark ("Hug") to get over what Whitney did to him (because it's not like what Whitney did would constitute a crime). That sort of behavior doesn't warm you up to the character. It just turns you against her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowfire View Post
    Lana will always be my favorite character on Smallville because she was the underdog that never got her story told unlike Clark ro Lex or Lois.
    Underdog isn't a word I'd use to describe Lana. When the show starts, she's on the cheerleading squad and is crowned homecoming queen. In the second episode, taking place right after, we see that Lana's got a whole drawer full of similar awards. Being crowned homecoming queen wasn't something special, it was just another day in the life of Lana Lang. As the show progressed, we learn that she's the most popular girl at school. She's considered the prettiest (heck, in S4, they have a whole scene where Jane Seymour keeps complementing Lana's beauty). The one every guy at school would give their right hand for (or whatever the line was in "Extinction"). Season 1 ("Hourglass" being one) implies that her family's wealthy. The yearbook in "Forever" lists her as "Most likely to be a cover girl". A billionaire allowed her to turn the Talon into a coffe shop, just because she asked. And then she marries said billionaire at age 20. They soon get divorced, but she still gets millions out of it (leaving her financially independent). So, "underdog" isn't an appropriate term for her.

    The show spent plenty of time on Lana's story. It's just that her story was more about dating and eventually getting married (which aunt Nell identified as possibly the most important day in Lana's life). A vision of her death in "hereafter" (the same that shows Clark's destiny as Superman) shows her death, with a man (her husband?) standing by her bed. This doesn't make her an underdog, it just means that the journeys of the other characters are more interesting to a modern audience:

    Martha Kent: Starts out as a farmer. Gets a job as Lionel Luthor's personal assistant (in an episode that references her having had a job previously), then she becomes the manager of a coffee shop, then a Kansas State Senator and finally a United States Senator (and, offscreen, the Red Queen).

    Lois Lane: Goes from a young woman unsure about what she wants to do with her life. Becomes a waitress at a coffee shop, a campaign manager in a political race, then a chief of staff for a Kansas State Senator. Develops (or regains, based on a comment on "Hostage") an interest for journalism, which leads to a job for the Inquisitor and then the Daily Planet.

    Kara Zor-El: Arrives on Earth looking for her cousin and a blue crystal. Then vanishes several time before becoming a superhero known as the "Maiden of Might" in S10 and then going to the future for a few months, where she become Supergirl.

    Tess Mercer: Begins as Lex's former protegť, who searches for him. Then changes priorities and tries to help Clark fullfill his destiny. Tries to find a way to save the world. Is allowed to join the proto-League, around the same time she has to deal with learning her true origins. Then becomes an AI for a while, before becoming Red Tornado and a founding member of the formal Justice League.

    Chloe Sullivan: Starts out as an aspiring reporter, which helps to drive the superhero aspect of the show forward. Eventually getting her dream job at the Daily Planet, before getting fired. Becomes a councilor and administrator for the Isis Foundation, before starting to set up Watchtower (becoming recruited by the DEO at the end of S11). She also becomes Clark's official side kick. Learns about and struggles with issues relating to her mom's apparent mental illness. Then she had to deal with fears relating to her being meteor infected and being possessed by Brainiac.

    And that's just the female main characters. I left out romantic plotlines, as I wanted to show how much they still had left, if you took the romance out (hence why there's no reference to Henry James Olsen, Grant Gabriel, etc.). But, with Lana, you probably wouldn't have much left. One (forgotten) season two plot about discovering that Lewis Lang wasn't her real father. Then there's the season four witch plotline. In seven seasons.* Sure, she set up the Isis Foundation, but at the time it was only a front to her attempt to get revenge on her ex-husband (placing it under romance plots).

    * The Smallville Wiki has an estimate for each character's screen time for all ten seasons. Season 1 is incomplete, so I'll be talking seasons 2-8. There are eight episodes ("Magnetic", "Spell", "Lockdown", "Void", "Static", "Trespass", "Promise" and "Power") where Lana has the most screen time (of course, she spends most of "Spell" possessed by the witch. So, we're actually seeing Isobel and not Lana). In seasons 2, 4, 5 and 6, Lana has the second most total screen time for the whole season. In season 3, she's got the third most total screen time. An underdog wouldn't have had all that time devoted to her.
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