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    Even if you are unhappy, Clark cares a lot about Lana!!!!! He still loves her!!!!!!! I am so happy about that!

    And , looking at the Chloe´s eyes and she doesn´t seem to care about Lana as much as Clark!!!

    Clana forever

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    Is it even possible FOR ANYONE to care about Lana as much as Clark?


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    why the heck clark loves lana still? this is so redundant is not even funny anymore and chloe doesn't care about lana that way AT ALL!! Clark's obsession over lana goes beyond love is simply obsession pure and simple

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    Yes Chloe wants Lana she is more of a man than Jimmy and Clark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RepairmanBob View Post
    Considering Clark's firm "I don't care about Brainiac or Lex! I only care about Lana!" position, I do not know if anyone can care about Lana as much as he does.
    At least we hope no one else cares about Lana that much.

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    Chloe and Lana had their fair share of best friend/"I'll treat you like a sister" moments in the past, so I think that Chloe cares about Lana a lot. Maybe she doesn't care about Lana so much as to be obsessed with her (like Clark behaves sometimes), but she does care about her more than just human compassion IMO.

    Quote Originally Posted by KrissO View Post
    Ah yes. The lies. I guess she's done her share of that. But where do you think she learned that from? Clark, Lex, Lana. They all lie.

    But that still doesn't mean she lied about saying she doesn't want to be the one holding Clark back from his destiny.

    Bottom line both Lana and Chloe know Clark has a greater purpose, and when that day fully presents itself I believe they will both accept it.
    I agree 100%. This season, Lana never once has stopped Clark from doing something she knew would benefit him because she wants to be the centerpiece of Clark's life. Lana lets Clark go places by himself without constantly getting on his back about why he does this or that.

    If Lana is as conceited as some people on the forum say, then I don't think that Clana would have survived this season. Lana wants something from their relationship with Clark because they're in a relationship together and that should justify that. If she didn't want anything out of it, then she'd just be his best friend. But Lana also doesn't allow what she wants from her relationship with Clark to stop the more important things. This season, Lana has been able to put aside her personal desires if something more important comes around.

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