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    Board Master Kevin24's Avatar
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    Mar 08
    This episode is even better the second time around. I still don't see the hate behind this episode. Different strokes for different folks.

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    Forum Regular ShInE4YoU's Avatar
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    Aug 08
    Inside his shinny grey VOLVO......
    I hate hate hate when Clark is written like they wrote him in this episode!!!!! This whole "...F*** every thing else that isn't LANA..." attitude makes my stomach turn......SO NOT SUPERMAN!!!!

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    Apr 08
    LOved it. Chloe and Jimmy were so cute together.

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    Adam Nimkong's Avatar
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    Nov 08
    CTU Kentucky
    This episode is ok.I only liked how it was a flashback.But the plot sucked and it was chessey

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    Chlark FTW!!! SGuthrie27's Avatar
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    Jan 09
    Okay, okay, okay... So I know that this episode was really corny, and not only bent but broke the boundaries of sustaining disbelief, but... I kind of... sort of... liked it? I like Jimmy, honestly, and I love Chloe, and as much as I DON'T like Chimmy, a lot of this episode was at least rather light-hearted and fun, which was a good break and change of pace compared to the dark, gritty, and tense storylines happening throughout the tail end of this season. So... I guess I'll give this 6 out of 10 goofy dances for being silly, but at least watchable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clana4everfan2 View Post
    Ok Clana/ Lana haters I understand that you want Clark to go off to training but can you stop blaming Lana. Jeez... Also Clark loves Lana and feels horribly guilty for what happened to her because of Brainiac. Brainiac knew he could hurt Clark where it counted by hurting someone he loves. If Clark totally turned his back on her than he wouldn't really be the hero everyone wants him to be. Superman has a heart and cares for those he loves. Granted I'm happy he thought about Lana and visited her but I agree that I too think he needed to after that step up and go after Lex/ or the keys before it's too late. I definitely wanted more Clark less Chimmy since it was making me fall asleep. And no more Mr & Mrs Smith wanna be dancing.. Please.. I was cringing at the dancing.. haha LOL!
    You're an idiot.

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    Posting Pro Aurora Moon's Avatar
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    May 14
    There was a lot of plot holes and stuff in this ep. Despite it all, I actually found myself enjoying the "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" dynamics between Chloe and Jimmy. I was kind of meh towards the Chloe/Jimmy relationship, but in this ep I could kind of see the appeal of it all. they seriously should play up this super-spy side of themselves more often.

    But, that was the only thing I enjoyed. The clark/krypton thing and the Lex/Zurich thing just didn't grab my attention as much. so, I would rate this ep 6/10?

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    Custom Title jon-el87's Avatar
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    May 08
    A government agent approaches Jimmy and accuses Chloe of being part of a terrorist sleeper cell. Meanwhile, Chloe is adjusting to running the Isis Foundation. What could possibly have made the government think that she's a terrorist?

    The episode is a silly spy plot, where Jimmy gets to play James Bond. In the comics, Jimmy's father is a spy. So, it's a missed opportunity to explore his family. Sure, his dad is later said to be a part-time mechanic and full-time alcoholic, but we got several inconsistent claims about Jimmy's family and the guy at his funeral seemed to not be an alcoholic (nor struck me as a mechanic). It's entirely possible that the backstory we were told in "Committed" was a lie and his dad is actually a secret agent.

    The bit with Clark noting that he had spent all night with the comatose Lana really shows the negative impact, that she and this relationship has on Clark. Important things are going on, but he barely leaves her bedside, when there's nothing he can do there. It's just another proof of how bad they are together. He does this, because deep down, he knows that Lana will leave him, if he isn't there, when she wakes up. This sort of thing would never fly with Lois. Lana is a selfish person, but Lois was willing (in "Prophecy") to give up her own happiness, if it meant that being with her would prevent Clark from being able to save someone.

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    Release the Snyder Cut costas22's Avatar
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    That was probably when season 7 hit rock bottom. As fate would have it, after the Writers' Strike, the Smallville showrunners decided to produce 5 more episodes even though most of the season's storylines culminated in the original version of Veritas. 4 of them turned out either ok (Quest and Arctic) or great (Descent and Apocalypse), but this was unsalvageable.

    It's not even a case of Tom Welling having limited screentime because he was preparing to direct the next episode. Because for the 5 or so minutes that Clark appeared, he was the most annoying Clark I've ever seen on the show. Especially in the scene where Chloe tries to make him realize that Lex can't get to the keys before him and Clark's response is a whiny "The only thing that's important right now is Lana". Sheesh. It also didn't help that at the end Chloe had to basically spell out to him what happened to Kara and what he needed to do. Anyway, episodes with limited amount of Clark have worked in the past. Static wasn't that bad. Neither was Void. Or Turbulence. Their A-plot was somewhat intriguing. This episode's wasn't. I didn't mind Jimmy, but giving him a spy plot was just too silly.

    On top of that, a lot of the acting and dialogue in this episode was just cringeworthy. It felt like most of the actors were going though the motions at a time when a lot of uncertainity was surround the show.

    This episode is also known for featuring the most misleading promo in the history of tv:

    By the way, that scene of Lex walking towards the Fortress was never shown in any episode. Rumor has it that it was supposed to be the cliffhanger in the original version of Veritas.

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