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    Tears of joy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BizzaroJerry View Post
    Are you really really sure about that ;-)...

    She weeps because she sees Clark weeping, when Clark is in pain she is in pain and when Clark is enraged she too is enraged. I think its important to note that during this episode TPTB decide to show us parallels between Chloe and Clark, I wonder why this is so?

    I suspect clark will do something desperate now, I wonder if chloe will as well?
    I think this is true. It does seem like they are making Chloe like Clark everyday. She is getting his good traits and his bad ones.

    It also reminds me about a comment AM made saying her power was empathy so maybe she was really feeling Clarks pain. The scene was very powerful.

    I also think that even though Chloe and Lana haven't seen eye to eye this season she still has unconditonal sisterly love for Lana. She has always stood up for Lana. Season 5&6 she kept on defending Lana to Clark. And she has been very protective of Lana.
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    I think Chloe was only crying for Clark's sake, not Lana's. I'm not buying the 'best friend' BS the writer's keep throwing at us. They can say they're sisters and such all they want, but they've shown an obvious rivalry between them instead.

    Chloe should NOT have been in that last scene at all, imo.

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    Really, Chloe isn't petty enough not to feel remorse for her two best friends suffering. I dont think it has anything to do with her past feelings for Clark. Of course she'd be there, and of course she'd be sad.

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    Chloe isn't cold blooded.... Of course anyone would cry for a friend who is that sorta state!! She loves Lana like a sister... history has proven so...... the most recent proof would be when Chloe cried when Lana was supposedly dead....... So she's a human with emotions......

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