View Poll Results: What did Clark tell Lana what happened to Chloe?

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  • She's just resting.

    17 19.77%
  • He told her the truth.

    9 10.47%
  • He talk to her and stayed w/ Chloe for the whole 18 hours.

    23 26.74%
  • He distracted Lana by telling her how pretty she is.

    37 43.02%
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    I think Clark talked to Lana and stayed with Chloe for the whole 18 hours.

    I don't think he told Lana about Chloe's power, BUT I think he manged to NOT LIE.

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    I think Clark talked to Lana but didn't lie, just left out some details and stayed with Chloe the whole time.

    If Lana ever found out that would be her reason for Clark to never see Chloe again because meteor freaks always try to kill her. Even if she does deserve it. JK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by red_sun1938 View Post
    Yet another plot hole the size of a mack truck in this episode.
    That's not a plot hole...that's just something that wasn't explained. We may find out in the next episode, but if we don't...well, does it really matter? It's hardly a vital point.

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    It's really irritating that I don't know whether Lana knows yet on Chloe or not. Did she tell her off screen? Is it still a secret? Grrr

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    i voted for
    He talk to her and stayed w/ Chloe for the whole 18 hours.

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